Work-with-usAre you into geek culture? Whether you love films, videogames, TV shows, comics, novels or even games of the non-electronic variety, we’ve got something for everybody. That’s why we’d love to hear from you if you have an opinion on any of those.

We do reviews, diaries, second chances, retrospectives, features, interviews, video, webcomic, podcast – pretty much anything apart from straight up news (unless you’ve got an opinion on it). But if you’ve got an idea for something else, we’re happy to listen.

We give you the freedom to produce content at your own pace, around your life and about things you love. Not into writing? Not a problem! We’d love to give your podcast or youtube channel a platform as well!

Because of this Hex Dimension doesn’t make any money (we don’t even run ads), we are unable to pay you, but what we do offer is a platform to produce content you love. There’s no contract, so if you wish, you can leave whenever you like.

Please contact us on using the email address below.

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