The Hex Dimension was created by the team behind the Nerds Assemble podcast as a place for them and others to discuss things like TV shows, videogames, comics, table top games, films, novels and more. Several of us like bright colours. Emily King is the Hex Dimension’s editor.

Due to the nature of “geek news” these days, we decided early on that we didn’t want to cover news on this website. Sorry, but if that’s what you’re after you will have to head elsewhere. However, do we offer opinion pieces on current goings on across a wide range of interests.

Currently we do not pay those who contribute to this site, however, if you still want to write/vlog/podcast for us then please drop us an email at the address below.

Also, if you’re a PR representative for entities that gel with this site – contact us via the address below. We are interested in hearing from reps for mainstream and/or independent comics/videogames/novels/films/TV shows/web series/board games/and anything a person would consider “geeky”.

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