It’s Sunday, which can only mean one thing. It’s time for us to once more look back into the past week and pick out the more exciting news in the comic book world. This week more news from Marvel, a new series that is getting a lot of praise and our usual preview of the latest 2000AD. So grab a biscuit and a brew. As this week’s Comic Roundup, gets underway…


Prog 1935

Prog-1935Prog 1935 hits UK shelves this week. Continuing the adventures of Judge Dredd and friends.The issue kicks off with the next chapter in the current Judge Dredd story – Blood Of Emeralds. Dredd has one of the most wanted hitmen in custody. Yet why was he sent after a Judge and who is this guy, really? The mystery deepens in this issue.

Absalom continues with part two of Under A False Flag. Abaslom begins to look into the clues left at t crime scene. Travelling back to London to get some info. What’s a children’s home in Sussex got to do with the murders? More questions to answer with only a handful of answers.

It’s time for Slaine to face Gort in this weeks chapter of Primordial. Will Slaine be able to handle Gort now he has been warped by Lord Weird and the Cyph. This chapter brings us ever closer to the dramatic conclusion.

Outlier is back in a new story entitled Dark Symmetries. Carcer is back, with more questions regarding the Hurde. Will he help his superiors and what do the Hurde want with him. The intrigue begins this issue.

Helium Part 2 kicks off with a little acclimatising. The stranger begins to talk about his home and why he fled. Has be bought more trouble with him – or is he as innocent as he protests.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


Captain Marvel

Captain-Marvel-and-the-Carol-CorpsAs Secret Wars continues to take hold in the Marvel Universe, news keeps on arriving about how the Universe will be forever changed after the event. We know that not all of the characters will make it through and some will be forever changed.

One character though, I did not really anticipate much change too was Captain Marvel – aka Carol Danvers. I had seen that she was getting her own group of female air pilot to command – the Carol Corps. However this is apparently not the only change occurring – a bigger more substantial change is set to happen. Or so the rumours would have us believe. Nothing else has been spoken about – leaving us all to guess what this change could potentially be!



Jeff-LemireMore gossip has appeared on the old Web. If true this could be a real turning point for one of Marvel’s the biggest group of books. Ever since Secret Wars was announced there have been rumours that Marvel would use this reboot to dismiss the X-Men. Taking them out of  the limelight and shifting focus onto the Inhumans.

However last week, rumours began circulating – hinting that none other than Jeff Lemire could be the new lead writer on the X-Men books. This to me if true – would be awesome. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this can only be true.




BloodstrikeThis week saw Image pushing their new BloodStrike series. With #1 hitting stores on July 8th, written by Rob Liefeld this is promising to be some of his best work yet. Add to this a new recruit for the BloodStrike team – this is proving to be very tempting!

The description released, teases this new recruit has a hidden identity – but arrives from the historical Extreme Universe. He struggles on a covert mission and faces a mysterious foe known as Tragedy Ann.



CopperheadThis week has also seen my interest piqued by a new series from Image. Currently on #8 the new series is being described as a cross between Firefly and Saga! Caught your interest? It did mine.

Written by Jay Faerber and with art by Scott Godlweski’s Copperhead is a Sci-Fi western. If you need to catch up a collected edition entitled Vol. 1: A new Sheriff In Town is now available. The story follows Clara Bronson a single mother who also happens to be the new Sheriff on an alien planet.

Intrigued? I know I am….


That’s all for this week. Till next time this is Cookie signing out…