Hello and welcome to this week’s comic roundup. This time we have another 2000AD preview and news from Marvel and IDW. We also have news about a return of one my favourite robots. So grab a beverage and settle in…


Prog 1936

Prog-1936Prog 1936 flies onto UK shelves this week. Its part 3 of the new Dredd case, Blood of Emeralds. Dredd and Judge Royce have travelled to the Emerald Isle for answers. However there are things at the Emerald Isle that seem to want to remain hidden – along with a different approach to the law!

Absalom continues to chase down the demon hunter. With clues pointing towards a demolished children’s home and the first signs of a holy war. Can Absalom make some headway?

It’s Slaine vs Gort in this week’s episode. With Gort being transformed into the Primordial! It’s the conclusion of book two and a fight to the end…

The new Outlier story continues with an epic battle as the focus switches to the Hurde. Leaving us with more questions and a large battlefield!

It’s part three of Helium as the Constable tries to get help before the enemy behind the poison belt heads to their shores. Alas is it too late and why does the Mayor seem to hate her so.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.



Spider-Man-Myles-MoralesNews has appeared over the last 48 hours from the Marvel offices. A new series by Brian Bendis and Sara Pichelli. Taking place after the secret wars, we now have an official confirmation that there will be a Spider-Man book.

To be fair, we all knew that this would be the case. However there is a twist. For the star of the book is not Peter Parker! Yes you read that right, Peter Parker will not be starring in the Spider-Man series. Instead we have Miles Morales!

You all should know how much I like this character and I’m really pleased to see him returning post Secret Wars. Now the big question is…..what does this mean for Mr Parker?



Ken-LashleyLast week, I reported on the possibility of Jeff Lemire being the new head writer on the X-Men books. Now there are rumours circulating that one of the artist’s joining the new team, will be none other than Ken Lashley!

All of these rumours are giving me hope that perhaps unlike the Fantastic Four – my favourite mutants won’t be left out to dry. What do you think?



KindleFor the first time ever, Marvel comics are coming to the Kindle store. Under a new expanded distribution deal, which also sees more than 12,000 single issue digital comic books available for the first time on Kindle.

This deal will not affect the current deal with Comixology or Marvel’s existing digital platforms. This is a great step towards digital distribution – one that I’m sure will see new fans coming on board.




SuprmanThis week saw a new story begin for the last son of Krypton. Written by Gene Luen and artist John Romita JR – complete with a new edge to his personality, a new “roguishness” to help him as he deals with his secret identity being revealed.

This new story will be part of the “Truth” stories, which are tying all of the Superman books together. Telling us the story behind Lois’s decision to write that damn article in the first place.

It’s an interesting time for the man of steel at present. With some interesting twists and turns.




DriveGood news for fans of the film Drive, this week. As IDW announced a new four issue limited series based on the film. The comic will be adapted from the original novel, written by James Sallis.

The new comic adaptation will hit stores this August and is being helmed by Michael Benedetto and artist Antonio Fuso. This is sounding like a rather ace project – it will be interesting to see how well it does in comic form.




VoltronDynamite have announced the return of one of the biggest 80’s combination toys, Returning to comics once more – this September is none other than the mighty Voltron! The team behind the new Voltron will be Cullen Bunn and Blacky Shepherd.

The new series will be available from September and is promising a darker, grittier take on the hero. Complete with a new evil to fight – this could be a real winner.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out.

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