Hello and welcome to another week of comic news. This week we have news on the all new look Marvel, another preview of 2000AD and news from Image plus Boom Studios! Lets get started!


Prog 1934

Prog-1934This week see’s Prog 1934 hitting UK shelves. With a host of new stories to dive into this issue is looking mighty strong! There’s a new case for Dredd to investigate this week. Why is there a hitman after a Judge – what does a delivery droid have to do with it. The questions keep on coming in this weeks episode.

Real copper Absalom is back this week in an all new story. There’s a demon hunter on the loose, making a housing estate their own personal hunting ground. Complete with a bit of magic and ancient daggers. What has Absalom got himself into this time.

This week’s issue concludes with another installment in the latest adventure of Slaine. Lord Weird’s plans are taking form. Can Slaine finally let his greive go? What has the prisoner Zana got to with anything? It’s another brutal chapter.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


New Look Marvel

New-look-MarvelSo this week saw Marvel unveil their all new look. Announcing a whole raft of characters that will get their own books after Secret Wars. With them all beginning from #1! We had a couple of images giving us a glimpse of the returning characters and it’s looking rather different.

According to Marvel this new beginning will mark the next 50 – 75 years for the publisher. In the images we can see the Vision, Mile Morales, Spider Gwen and Ben Grimm complete in a Guardians of the Galaxy uniform!

We’ve also been promised a brand new version of the Hulk – one we have never seen before. Excited yet? I know, I am…



WolverineSince the death of Wolverine, we have been wondering when the best there is – will be brought back into the pages of Marvel. Many have speculated we would see his return after Secret Wars. Now we have confirmation that Wolverine will return – yet not as we were expecting.

Marvel confirmed last week that a new hero will wear the mask of Wolverine. A figure that has been a part of Logan’s life for many year. To me after reading the news, it seemed to be rather fitting. You see the new Wolverine will be none other than X-23!

Logan will be returning however. In another little twist – one that I mentioned the other week as a possibility has now been confirmed! Old Man Logan will survive the Secret Wars and be a part of the new Marvel Universe!


Iron Man

Iron-ManThat was just the tip of the iceberg, for Marvel had even more to say regarding the new titles. Including a whole new look for Iron Man. Iron Man will get a new #1 with a new series being created by none other than – Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by David Marquez.

With the new stories, there will be new armour, a new girlfriend and even new enemies t fight. This is going to be so cool…


Boom Studios!

Black Market

Black-MarketBoom announced that critically acclaimed mini series, Black Market will be collected into one book and published this August. A dark story from the mind of Frank J Barbiere, writer of Five Ghosts.

The story centers around Ray Willis, a disgraced medical examiner who has found himself working in a funeral parlour – to make ends meet. A scientific genius – with his talents being wasted. That is until his brother appears. Offering him the chance to cure cancer and all disease!

There’s just one catch. Elements of the cure only exist in the DNA of super heroes. That’s one hell of a catch – don’t you think?



Nowhere Men

Nowhere-MenBack in 2012 Image released a new series. A series which garnered critical acclaim and was nominated for four Eisner Awards. The series saw us introduced to a new Universe. One where Scientists outranked pop stars and actors in the celebrity lists. I am of course talking about the one and only Nowhere Men.

Now after two years, it looks like Nowhere Men is returning for a second series. The new series is expected to be released this fall – and I for one can not wait.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out…