Hello and welcome to this week’s Comic Roundup, we have some more tasty tidbits for you this week. With news from Marvel, Valiant and Boom!. We also have a preview of this week’s 2000AD – so grab a pew and let’s get stuck in!


Prog 1929

Prog-1929This week sees Prog 1929 hitting the UK shelves. Complete with part one of a brand new Dredd story. Bud used to work at the justice department, then he things change for the worse. Just how much can he take before he breaks!

The current Slaines story continues this issue with an army chasing him down – can Slains protect himself and his friend.

Orlok’s story comes to its conclusion. Taking in the Black Widower once more,  can he get Rasputin to safety.

The Grey Area team continue to try and convince the aliens of the God Stars existence. Can they make them see the danger, if not can they escape before its too late!

Then to finish this issue we have another part of the Strontium Dog story. Alphas investigation has him visiting the rock. Can he trust the information from Stix. Will he be welcome at the Rock. Just who is  following him! The adventure continues…

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.



Skye-ShieldIf you’ve been following Agents Of Shield, you’ll now know Skye’s true identity.  She’s an Inhuman, which for me has made her character that more interesting to see on screen.

Now Marvel has announced that Skye will be getting a solo outing in comic form this year – as a special one shot. As part of this year’s Marvel’s 30th Anniversary of Shield promotions.

Along with Skye’s solo outing, we are going to see solo adventures for Agent May, Nick Fury and Mockingbird.


Drax The Destroyer

Drax-the-DestoryerLast week at C2E2, it was also announced that former WWE wrestler CM Punk will be putting pen to paper. Next Winter Punk will be writing a brand new ongoing series starring Drax the Destroyer.

It’s going to be rather interesting to see how CM handles this character. I’m definitely intrigued.




NinjakThere’s a new story arc heading to the pages of Ninjak this August. Starting in #6, the new story called The Shadow Wars will see the super spy taking on the four death defying members of the sinister Shadow Seven.

All the while he will be trying to solve the one last remaining question, which eludes him. Who is the leader of the Shadow Seven? Who truly wields the power!

An answer that many of us have been wondering for ages. I can’t wait to get stuck in…


Boom Studios!


PeanutsThis year marks the 65th anniversary of the wonderful Peanuts strip. To celebrate Boom! have announced plans to release a hard cover anthology.

The anthology will see work from some of the biggest names in the industry including Matt Groening, Patrick McDonnell, Stan Sakai and Megan Brennan.

This anthology will hit stores this October and I for one will be grabbing this as soon as possible.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out…