Hi and welcome to another week of comic news. We are pretty much half way through the year, with the two big events from Marvel and DC well under way. Yet what lays ahead for the rest of the year? Well there’s a few interesting comics on the way along with a new editor of the X-Men Universe…


Prog 1933

Prog-1933A new issue of 2000AD hits shelves this week, with a few stories reaching their conclusion.

Dredds current story reaches its conclusion. Dredds has to tangle with Bud and two TimeCops whilst making sure the powerful wrist bands are kept within reach!

Slaine is running out of time as the forest erupts in flames. We are also treated to a flashback into the past. Will he escape and will Lord Weird be able to make him give up his position?

There’s another Future Shocks this week. Like most Bob has lied about his work history, little white lies to make his CV stand out. What happens though when those little lies become true?

The latest Tharg 3riller reaches its dramatic conclusion this week. The material is on Earth and now there’s a group of aliens on the hunt for it. Can our three intrepid heroes avert an alien invasion?

Strontium Dogs finale is happening this week. Can Alpha take out the ship full of traitors and free the diplomat? Will the Stix be paid the ransom and get to leave?  Find out this week.

The publishers very kindly sent us a preview copy.



Mark-PanicciaSo this week Marvel announced that Mark Paniccia is stepping into the role of new X-Men group editor. Teaming up with editor Daniel Ketchum, the two will be working on the X Universe group of titles.

This is great news considering the rumours about the different direction Marvel was taking with the mutants. This team up will hopefully give the remaining titles after Secret Wars, the full attention they deserve.



Dastardly Ads

DC-adsLast week we reported that there were rumours, that DC were planning to run half page ads throughout the comics.

Now it would appear that it’s all insanely true! Yes from next week it would appear that DC comics will be placing ads for rather aptly Twix!

Not sure I like this idea but I guess it could have been worse.



CyborgWhen the New 52 launched, Cyborg got a bulky makeover, emphasising his cybernetic parts. To be fair I liked the look, it seemed to fit the character well.

Yet last week Cyborg received his biggest makeover yet, as part of Convergence. With more realistic limbs, the human element is back – with a bang! At first glance I wasn’t sure but to be fair looking back a few times, the new look is growing on me.


Dark Horse


ColderHorror fans get ready. Eisner-nominated series Colder is coming back this September, following a resurrected Nimble Jack.

This is also going to be the final chapter in the series, yes that’s right – the Colder finale is happening!




AmericatownArchaia has announced a new title entitled Americatown. The new series is being described as part social commentary and part family drama. Asking one crucial question what if the American dream gave way to the American nightmare?

With a story that takes place after an economic collapse, with Americans being the legal and illegal immigrants.

It sounds intriguing with a novel premise.


That’s all for now. Till next time, this is Cookie signing out…