Hello and welcome to this week’s Comic roundup. This week we have our regular 2000AD preview and news from Marvel and DC. So get comfy, grab a brew and let’s take a look at this week’s news. The news that made me buzz!


Prog 1931

ProgThis week a new edition of 2000AD hits UK shelves. With a another chapter in the continuing Dread story. Bud is getting his revenge on those that he deems ruined his life. Distracting the Judges making them look in another direction, will he be able to see his plan to fruition or will Dredd find him. Plus the true owners of the wristband are now on the scene!

It’s the final chapter of the Grey Area’s story – will the team be able to convince their captors that the Godstar does exist. Will Manners be safe. One of these answers gets answered this week.

Slaine is still try to save Sinead – breaking her free of her addiction. However first he has an army to defeat. An army whose commander is revealed and it’s a reunion no one was expecting!

We have a new story beginning this week. In the form of another Tharg’s 3rillers. In this new story three friends are confounded by an ad on TV. Why are toys being advertised at such a late time at night and why can’t they get the jungle out of there heads.

Strontium Dog continues to accelerate its story. Alpha is on the Rock surrounded by enemies. Still on the hunt for the diplomat that was kidnapped. Yet nothing is as it seems!

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.



ThorSo this week, there was a massive revelation within the pages of Thor. For months I’ve been trying to piece together the puzzle – who is the new Thor. What are her links to Thor? Who is the woman beneath the mantle.

Finally this week, we have the answer – I won’t spoil it here. However I will say it wasn’t the person I was expecting! It’s a wonderful twist, which totally blindsided me. If you don’t know the answer – then follow the link below.


Old Man Logan

Old-Man-LoganIf you know me and have been reading my little pieces – you’ll know that I was devastating when Marvel killed off Wolverine.

Don’t get me wrong I think the death of Wolverine was an emotional story. One that gave my favourite X-Man the send off he truly deserves. The question has remained though, will he be resurrected! I always assumed he would be to be fair.

However we still haven’t seen any plans to bring him back to the pages of a comic. Well not until Old Man Logan appears in Secret Wars. Now rumours have surfaced that this character may be one of the characters remaining after Secret Wars.

Yes we may not get Wolverine back as we know him best – yet he may be getting a new solo series as Old Man Logan. An even more battle hardened, older version of everyone’s favourite mutant with claws.

Hopefully this may be true, I think this version of Logan would be great to see develop more in the Marvel Universe.



Omega Men

Omega-MenThis June is promising to be the start of a major epic story, within the DC Universe. Writer Tom King is promising us an edgy, different type of story with the Omega Men.

Now let’s be fair, writers to tend to promise us amazing things with their new work. Some deliver, some just miss the mark. That’s life.

However this week saw Mr King and new artist Barnaby Bagenda release a special eight page preview – kickstarting the new story.

It blew me away, within the first few pages my jaw dropped in utter disbelief. With a very brave and bold move it would appear that Tom King is potentially killing off, one of the Universe’s most beloved characters.

If you haven’t seen who then click on the link below – be prepared for a shock though! You have been warned.


Boom Studios!

Broken World

Broken-WorldThis June Boom are releasing a brand new Sci-Fi thriller – entitled Broken World. The new series by Frank J. Barriers and Christopher Peterson will explore the lives of the last remaining humans left on Earth, during the planet’s final days.

Focusing on Elena Marlowe, left behind after her family had been granted passage on a spaceship departing the planet. Unfortunately she was denied access to the craft, due a to mysterious past.

Now with only days left before the end – Elena must fund a way onto the ship. It’ sounds rather intriguing and could prove to be a worthy read.


That’s all for this week. Till next time, this is Cookie signing out…