Hello and welcome to this week’s roundup of comic news. It’s a bank holiday, yet there were a few little trinkets over the last week. So without further ado let’s go….


Prog 1932

Prog-1932This week Prog 1932 hits store shelves, promising more adventure in the 2000AD universe. This week we have another chapter in the latest Dread story.

Bud’s fortunes seem to be on the up. With the bracelet giving him powers, he’s gone from living in a dump to a posh apartment. How long can his luck hold out for though, with Dread on his tail. Along with the original owners of the bracelet!

Slaine has taken a gamble, hoping that it breaks Sinead free from her drug induced ramblings. Will she break free before the commander can kill Slaine. What will Slaine do if she does?

This week we have a special one off, Future Shocks tale – called the Big Heist. What happens when a team of three decide to steal the biggest haul of money yet.

There’s treachery and big plans afoot. With a twist at the end!

The current Tharg 3riller continues. What will out trio find, when investigating the toys that seem to have come alive. Are there aliens involved and what does the warning herald!

Strontium Dog finds Johnny betrayed by the people he was working for, with a dictator making a play for power. A crew cut down – can Johnny stay one step ahead of the rest?

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


Civil War

Civil-WarBack in 2006, Marvel gave us a defining story arc. One that show the universe to its core – Civil War was here. I have to say it’s one of my all time fave story arcs.

Now with Secret Wars hitting out pages this year – Marvel have confirmed we are getting a new take on Civil War. With a brand new series adorning the infamous title, hitting comic book shelves in June.

It would seem the fight is still going strong on Battleworld. The new series will be handled by Charles Soule and Leinil Yu. I can’t wait to see how these two handle Cap and Iron Man during it out once more.


Titan Comics

Showman Killer: Heartless Hero

Showman-KillerTitan announced last week that they will be publishing Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s Showman Killer: Heartless Hero.

The new story will be published this November and adds another stellar title to Titans range of European graphic novels. It’s another nice addition to Titans range, I can’t wait to grab a copy.



Damn Ads!

AdsBack in the seventies, comic books went through a phase of sticking ads on pages with the current story strip running. Rather than having them on separate pages.

Thankfully this trend didn’t last long. However last week a rumour surfaced on the net. One that if proven correct has DC wanting to go back to this annoying trend. If true DC will run half page double spread ads throughout their comic books.

I sincerely hope this proves to be a hoax. I do my best to try and avoid ads at the best of times.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out…