So about a month ago I was privileged to go over to the Colonies.

What? My editor tells me we don’t call them that now.


So I went to Universal Studios with my family. With only six hours to do as much as possible I tried my damnedest to see as MUCH as I could and absorb the full American experience.

Upon entering my first sight was the sea of bodies waiting to get in. Much like EuroDisney there is a outer park section everyone can reach and raid their gift shop and visit the many bars and restaurants.

But after entering (fighting through the Spring Breakers) you reach ‘Old Hollywood’, Buildings from the golden era of film, sadly we weren’t able to go to the makeup show where professionals show you the tricks of the trade.

Because we had a few goals for this visit you see. The first:

Shoulder pads

TerminatorTERMINATOR: 4D insert theme tune with full heavy bass notes

So very, very awesome. Half actors and half 3D as you are led through ‘Cyberdyne’ into the foyer where a pretty girl in full 80’s office wear (with giant shoulder pads) tell you about the company and offers you to direct your attention to the screens to watch an informational film. ‘Suuuppeeeerrrrr’; the phrase of the day.

As the video plays of the Utopia under Cyberdyne suddenly we see… You know, that would ruin the surprise 😉

Blues and wands

Harry-PotterSo from there we wandered the area, seeing the Live Action Blues Brothers show, it was alright. It felt like all the tribute shows you see around.

I was more interested in one area. A world of magic, wonder and strangeness. Sadly not Supernatural, but Harry Potter’s own Diagon Alley.

Full of small humans running around with wands (at least 3 vendors,’ Olivanders’ is very impressive and have nice bags) and glasses of Butterbeer. It’s funny seeing all the bairns running around casting spells on each other. It makes me happy that British creations bring joy everywhere.

The highlights included the wonderful shops, the live acts from the performers singing and dancing (sadly missing the reading of ‘Beedle the Bard’) and the highlight being the dragon on top of Gringott’s bank which let out a roar and a huge gout of fire (at LEAST 8D6 damage) to the cheers of the general public. It was friggin’ hot and we were about thirty feet below it.

Yellow DeLoreans

DeloreanFrom there to Simpsons world (Quik-e-Mart, Moe’s Tavern and Cletus’s chicken Shack) Sadly no Employee badge with ‘Tim’, but plenty of ‘Bort’s’. Many subtle injokes to the show.

Then from there saw many things, The DeLorean from Back to the Future (much Squee) and the train. The cars from the now released Fast and the Furious 7.

There was also the adventure at the photobooth , but that will come later and I’ll talk to the editor about changing my profile picture.

I avoided Spongebob world. I wanted to keep my soul where it was thank you very much.

Mutants and water bottles

Green-GoblinThen food was needed. There are plenty of places to eat at, from many different cultures. I had been decided early on by Father to go the ‘Captain America Café’ on Marvel Island. Burger, chips (partial skin on, #Fancy) and vanllia shake which was thick as a peatbog, I loved it.

Sadly due to lack of time (as previously mentioned) we only could do Marvel Island.

We hit the ‘Biggest comic book shop’ which didn’t have THAT many comics in it, but had an excellent variety of goodies for your inner geek. I resisted the Deadpool waterbottle for work. It was at this point there was a loud explosion behind us as a chap dressed as the Green Goblin (mid-classic era) came in cackling and shouting very super villian things. Outside you could get your photo with Spiderman and any number of X-Men. It was fantastic for the kids (and adults who never quite grew up).

Gotta love the little touches like that.

Sadly time grew short and had to miss things (we needed tea badly), but I intend to return one day and see it all again and more.

My haul

Notable Treasures acquired:

  • Hogwarts Patch
  • Gryffindor Hoodie
  • My own wand (Arthur Weasley’s)
  • Half a million new shot glasses.
  • Snow globes for Mum.

Recommended for everyone. Pity it’s a bit far. But prices are not terrible.