There be spoilers here.

Welcome, UK Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans. It’s the second week we’ve had Coulson and co back on our screens. As ever, I am endeavouring to give you the show analysis that matters the key insights and critiques that can be derived from those tense forty-three minutes of television…

Ha, just kidding. No, what I’ll really be doing, as per usual, is talking about the five things I loved and hated in this episode. So what did I make of season two episode “Who You Really Are”?

Lady-SifLOVED: Lady Sif mystery

When I first saw emerging from the waves, I wasn’t quite sure who she was, what with the lack of armour, but when I saw the sword and studied that refined pose, I realised we were in for a Lady Sif episode. And not just any Lady Sif episode: she’d lost her memory. The idea of an Asgardian not being fully with it kinda tickled my “let’s-see-what-the-writers-do-with-it” fancy.

HATED: Threat of going postal

During that sparring session between Skye and May, I just didn’t like that characters were able to sense that Skye wasn’t quite there emotionally. Like having May pick up on it just seemed like what Skye is going through is some allegory for some kind of hormonal process. I wasn’t too sure if it was in Skye’s character to feel like she could go postal.

KreeLOVED: Kree rearing their head

After hearing their name mentioned in hushed tones before they found the city, it was reassuring to figure out before everyone else that the Lady Sif’s mystery assailant was in fact a Kree who’d come there to put a stop to the likes of Skye. To clarify: I liked that there was a Kree there and that I guessed its motives, however, as I mention in a bit I was really happy with its motives and just about everyone else’s in this episode.

HATED: Simmons continuing path to genocide

Seriously, the way Simmons keeps talking about people with powers, it’s all feeling a bit Willow season six with her talk of for the greater good in terms of powering up. And if we do end up with a sorta re-enactment of DEFCON Willow, but with Simmons in her place then I’m gonna feel a little cheated. I’m generally not liking the feeling that Simmons is cooking up all kinds of nasty shit.

LOVED: Skye not having control

So, in some aspects, I’m not keen on over emotionally Skye, but it would have been really dry if she’d mastered her powers in secret with Fitz’s help and then revealed them. I’m glad she’s not able to control it yet, because things would be incredibly dull, but I am wondering why the guy that picked up on Raina hasn’t tracked Skye down yet.

HATED: The Mack and Bobbi conspiracy

BobbiBit too much repetition with season one’s May mystery. Are they Fury’s people? Are they Hydra? Screw the super secret mystery plan thing – sure we need some subplotting going on, but do we really need another schism inside the tattered remains of S.H.I.E.L.D.? And Hunter is a nice guy, so seeing Bobbi hurt him wasn’t great, and then right at the end: Mack subduing Hunter when he confronts him about “back-up” is just argh.

LOVED: The Kree keeping his word

It was nice to see that Kree could keep their word, when the visitor restored Lady Sif’s memory. After all, their reputation after Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t exactly hot. But then finding out that, technically, Loki/Odin sent Sif after the Kree was even juicier. This just had me wondering what Loki’s angle on all of this would be, because while he wouldn’t chaos that he hadn’t orchestrated, potential super powered beings that he could make do his bidding: sounds right up his alley.

HATED: The added genocidal, abomination chat

Skye being turned on by everyone was just horrible to watch. From the Kree to Simmons “plague to be eradicated” and the Bobbi, Mack, and Hunter reaction when they found out. And in turn having everyone gang up on Fitz for taking Skye’s side was pretty nasty too. Everyone thinking they need protecting from Skye. I just don’t understand where this switch in mindset really came from, like none of them have expressed any hatred towards the Avengers.

May-and-skyeLOVED: May helping Skye

May having some faith in Skye was nice to watch, kind of bringing out a sorta maternal side in May. And then Skye having the balls to shoo herself with an I.C.E.R., but I was less keen on Skye isolating herself. And also having Fitz stick with Skye during the episode was reassuring.

HATED: Lady Sif’s cryptic leaving message

Wasn’t too keen on the judgemental, foreboding words of Lady Sif before she left for Asgard, the whole tides you can’t change and move against. It was such a downer to almost end the episode on (but it was followed by a downer afterwards, anyway, so joy). I’m just fed up with Coulson and the gang seemingly powerless to do anything to effect any real change for the better.

That’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as much as I have. If you have any thoughts on episode 12 or the show as a whole, let me know in the comments below.