Season ten continues to go where the TV series and the second film never got the chance. To gaze into the depths of the conspiracy and move it along… This arc is quite something and sees Mulder and Scully coming face to face with persons and forces that they never thought they’d really see again.

There be spoilers here. They are blacked out for your convenience.

X-Files season 10 is 22 img 1Abducted

[blackout]At the end of the previous issue, you saw Mulder being abducted by a bunch of “men in black”. This issue, it became apparent that they were all connected with the shadowy group that has been dogging Mulder’s heels since he returned to the FBI. But the build up in this issue and through the rest of these comics has been pretty fecking tense. And I have to say that I did not see where Joe Harris was taking things, like I would not have guessed that the force behind everything since Mulder’s return was in fact a certain little boy who, once upon a time, helped Mulder out.[/blackout]

Harris really kept us guessing. The force behind everything in season ten could have been anyone, so do pick this individual out of the lore was utter genius. I was so shocked when I realised who it was, and so impressed by Harris’s choice, that it made up with a lot of flailing in the dark he’s been putting us readers through. Of course Mulder’s reaction to this issue’s revelations are suitably WTF and in character.

X-Files season 10 is 22 img 2Creeping out

I think the one part from this issue that is going to really stick with me is [blackout]the conversation between Mulder and his “father”. It was good to see Mulder just rallying against the man, or part man as we find, and just laying everything on him. There’s just so much blame to go around and Mulder is so passionate in the dialogue, really letting us see how things have come full circle.[/blackout]

[blackout]But what really off set this emotion and allowed us to realise just how creepy the conversation was, was the detail of Matthew Dow Smith’s art and how perfectly reminiscent of series set pieces Mulder’s location looked. And also Jordie Bellaire’s use of colours during the conversation. Everything’s taken on this queasy green light and it just helps to add on the feeling of how unnatural everything that surrounds Mulder really is. Taking the green of the human-alien hybrids’ blood and painting everything with it just looks fantastic.[/blackout]

EmgoodWorth reading?

We are into the endgame now, so to speak. And considering the revelations that Harris puts forward in this issue it is definitely worth reading it. I got a great amount of satisfaction from finding out who is really behind everything since it all kicked off. And Harris does a great job of keeping things interesting and varied in this issue leaving you wanting more. So yes, read it, please!

The X-Files season 10 issue 22 “Elders, Part 2″ is out now, published by IDW. Our reviewer bought their own copy.