There be spoilers here.

Legion is out there, and the Millennium Group are s****ing their silly little selves. Frank is still recovering from finding out that his beloved daughter is a part of the insidious Millennium Group, but he’s determined to get her out. So, just how much did I like this issue? Should you stick with it? Read on to find out.

Jordan’s initiation

Millennium issue 4 img 2There is a lot of beautifully done exposition in this issue. Harris manages to put forward a plausible explanation as to how and why Jordan Black (Frank’s daughter) ended up as part of the group. We’ve known since the TV series that Jordan is gifted, however the comics show how her abilities work. There’s an interesting play on the notion that for Jordan it takes a lot out of her to use them, whereas for Frank the strain has always been more of an emotional and psychological one. Also interesting was Lorimer (art) and Lafuente’s (colours) interpretation of Jordan’s visions with them being inverted art wise in comparison to Frank’s.

The initiation that Jordan is shown to have gone through in order to join the group seems reasonable enough, right until the end. It’s creepy that she didn’t seem to have any sense of moral compass that shows her that the group is bad news. It’s also compelling, because it demonstrates how Frank staying away from his daughter, in what he thought would be best for her, has turned out to be the exact opposite.

Deaf ears

Millennium issue 4 img 1Reading this issue and seeing Frank becoming angrier and angrier, it was kind of heart breaking. To see him take things out on the group felt just and natural, but to see the way that Jordan just wouldn’t listen to him was sad. Though I thought it unnatural that Frank would go so far as to slap his daughter in order to make her think straight. Frank has never, for me, been a character who resorts to physical violence in order to handle things. But of course this also underlined just how desperate Frank is to get his daughter out of the group and away from their influence.

[blackout]However, finding out Legion’s plans, such as they are, I was maybe a tad sad to learn that Mulder will be playing the role of damsel in distress in the very near future. Mulder doesn’t do damsel well, and I kind of wanted him to be more of a help to Frank than someone Frank is going to have to set about saving in the next issue.[/blackout]

Worth reading?

EmgoodThe way Jordan’s past is handled in this issue makes it a must read for me. It’s also bitterly sweet reading Frank fighting for his daughter and it makes the issue all the more of a compelling comic. I’m a little concerned with how Mulder is being handled at this stage, but I definitely want to see where Joe Harris takes things next. So yes, this is worth a read.