There be spoilers here. They are blacked out.

Frank has started off down the rabbit hole at the beginning of this issue, unsure of where he’s going to end up. But one thing is for sure, as he searches for answers surrounding Monte Propps: the Millennium Group is alive and kicking and most certainly bad news.

Confusing start

Millennium comic issue three img 1I loved that the comic opens with cutting between the comic’s present and flashes back to Frank’s past and what happened to Catherine, his wife, however I did find it a bit of a confusing segment to read. In some ways the combination helped to emulate what was going on in Frank’s head, because the character is really all over the place at this point, but it also makes it difficult for the reader to keep track of what’s going on.

Of course this did have the added benefit of actually making you doubt one moment of plot until right at the end of the issue. Overall, the opening works, but it’s difficult to get through. And things got a lot easier once it stopped trying to play around with time and place so much. Perhaps what was most enjoyable (in a weird way) was being reminded of one of Frank’s biggest turning points as a character: the death of Catherine, thanks to the Millennium Group. There’s a lot of emotion and intensity that’s reflected in the pages here, thanks to Colin Lorimer’s impressive attention to detail and the boldness of Joana Lafuente’s art.

Mulder and the gang

Millennium comic issue three img 2Keeping Mulder away from Frank and having him off doing his own little thing to investigate the group might be getting a little old at the moment. The opening wasn’t the only part of the issue that could have done with a bit more clarification, and I do get the feeling that the space given over to Mulder and the Lone Gunmen could have been used to help flesh out what was going on with Frank a bit more… unless of course Joe Harris could have used the Lone Gunmen to offer up a bit more exposition on the group beyond what long time Millennium fans would have known. But their presence was appreciated by me. The phone conversation between Mulder and the Lone Gunmen allowed for a dip in pace that was needed at that moment.

Twisting the knife

Millennium comic issue three coverI think how this issue ends is perhaps quite a shocker. While not completely unexpected, the [blackout]revelation that Jordan had in fact joined the Millennium Group was quite a big twist. I remember from the TV series how Frank Black use to be so worried about Jordan getting mixed up in the group, because she has Frank’s gift as well, that to have it come true in the comic is pretty unnerving. Part of the fan in me hated it and the other respected Harris’s choice to take matters that far.[/blackout]

Worth reading?

EmcouldbebetterThis issue is a bit difficult to get into and did feel a little like filler before getting to the main meat of the story arc that Joe Harris appears to be working towards. It’s not quite as tight an issue as issue two, but I would say that the mini-series is certainly worth sticking with for now. So yes, this is definitely worth a read for long time Millennium fans, though you may find its ending a bit difficult to swallow.

Issue three of Millennium is published by IDW and out now. Our reviewer bought their own copy.