The X-Files is a show that has regularly featured on The Hex Dimension since our launch. Whether it was my attempt to write retrospectives on the existing episodes, or my ongoing reviews of the season 10 comics: I don’t care that it started in 1993, but it has some of my favourite telly. With the reality of an X-Files revival upon us, with six episodes instead of the usual 22, I wanted to talk about the three things that I, as a fan, really need for the X-Files to have.

There be spoilers for later seasons here.

3. Aliens

Fallen Angel The X-Files season 1 header v1Sorry, but I really don’t want six episodes of stand alone, monster of the week, kooky crap. There were many MOTW episodes that did work over the show’s original nine seasons, but a lot of them were, for me, quite dull. The stuff I liked the most was the main arc that ran through out the seasons, starting with Mulder’s experiences as a kid and the abduction of his sister, which all culminated in a deadly desert scene at the end of season nine. However, I am well aware that the casual viewers of the show weren’t that keen on the alien episodes, mainly because they never seemed to stick around long enough to see where those stories were going, plus they needed you to think a bit about what was going on in order to make sense of it all.

2. Acknowledge the season 10 comics in some way

X-Files season 10 is 10 img 1I haven’t always agreed with what Joe Harris has been up to in the X-Files season 10 comics, but he’s done a lot to add to the lore that Chris Carter helped shape. It makes sense that they could borrow plot points from the comics, which were meant to be canon and follow on from the second X-Files film, rather than setting the new six episodes after season 10. While I’d love to be in a world where we could rely on people being happy to go and read some comics in order to fill themselves on some details about their favourite show, I know it would be impossible to expect that kind of action from most TV viewers that will encounter the revival.

1. Let Mulder go seriously weird

X-Files season 2 Ascension img 3Now, this is me probably getting a bit too much into canon and fan theory here, but please stick with me… Mulder at the end of season six and the beginning of season seven ends up, err, showing some pretty spectacular “gifts” on account of interactions with an alien artifact triggering some level of alien DNA already present in Mulder. Now, while Cancer Man has this tissue removed from Mulder and transplanted into him, I would say that it is possible to introduce a MacGuffin (I know of actual biological processes that could be used as MacGuffins to explain its return) that could either lead to Mulder having these psychic abilities again or that he’s been hiding it all along. Combine this with perhaps interacting with a teenaged William Scully, who is Mulder and Scully’s son, who is also now exhibiting signs of alien heritage again (they were meant to have been extinguished in him, but a suitable MacGuffin could be found) and I think those could form the basis of a very intricate and angsty plot. Also doing the above would mean having Mulder heavily embody an X-File in of itself.

But if those six episodes at least manage to not be all monster of the week, then I think I’ll be able to enjoy this planned return to X-Files on our television screens. Though knowing our luck in the UK, the damn thing would probably be picked up by frelling Sky channel. So okay, a sneaky fourth thing I need: the X-Files either goes on Freeview or on-demand first in its UK release.

Now, maybe once I’m done with Supernatural, I’ll go and rewatch The X-Files…