Okay, okay – if you’ve been following me on social media recently, then you probably know where this list is gonna end up. But they weren’t the first to take a popular track and put their own, delightful geeky spin on it. So, here are my 10 favourite geeky music video parodies. Enjoy.

(By the way, you can watch the entire play list here on YouTube.)

10. Fed Up Angry Geek Girl

Don’t know what it is about this South Korean artist’s music, but a lot of people like to parody songs by Psy – this time round it’s a reworking of “Gentleman“. The ladies here have managed to take the, seemingly, impolite shenanigans of the original song and video and recreate them into a song about how geeky girls and women aren’t anyone’s property and should just be allowed to get on and do their own thing. Considering that some cons and the such like can still be unpleasant experiences for female cosplayers, I heartily approve of the messaging in this parody.

9. Through Time

Not being particularly fond of the original song, “Good Time” by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen, you may be surprised to find this video here. However, I think Not Literally Productions manage to put a decent amount of effort into putting this together and extra bonus points for finding someone who can cosplay as Matt Smith so well.

8. Star Fox: Space Oddity

The David Bowie classic is given the parody tribute here, with some very knowing lyric replacements sending up Fox’s relationship with the rest of the Star Fox team. Let’s face it, the rest of them are always pretty useless and the scathing lyrics of this parody reflect everything I felt even when I was just playing Star Fox Adventures.

7. Angry Birds

Reworking Adele’s Rolling In the Deep, this video looks at the dangers (both physical and psychological) that can be brought about by the playing of the game Angry Birds.  Seriously, I told people there would be repercussions for playing the damn thing too much and here’s the evidence. I’m just so glad that Paul B doesn’t play the game any more… because I don’t think I could have handled waking up to this.

6. The Star Wars That I Used To Know

Again, another song where I didn’t like the original, but this spoof on Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” manages to perfectly send-up a lot of the attitudes towards Star Wars that fans have to the franchise (pre-Disney purchase) and what Lucas had done to Star Wars. Personally, I don’t think anyone can truly complain about Jar Jar Binks until they’ve had to dress up as him as part of a school fashion show that included items from a local costume shop (yes, that happened to me).

5. Sorted This Way

Taking the very punchy Lady Gaga hit “Born This Way” and translating it into the medium of Harry Potter fandom is no easy task. And yet, here we have a fully inclusive talking video with choreographed dance moves and more Hufflepuffs than I can high five at any given time. Go badgers! Go! It has always gotten to me how much this house has been so maligned.

4. Moves Like Jabba

I fail to take music by Maroon 5 seriously anyway, so this parody of “Moves Like Jagger” is right up my street. Of course the video manages to be incredibly creepy while being very homage filled… I suppose that’s the risk you take when you talk about the second version of Jabba. I should probably point out that there was a time when I was really good at dancing to the original song on Just Dance.

3. Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab?

I’m one of those heartless people who can’t stand Disney’s Frozen, so this spoof of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” is a great improvement on the original. [blackout]We’ve got the tortuous relationship that develops between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in season five being played out absolutely perfectly here.[/blackout] In this particular case animation was probably the easier route… building a fake meth lab would take a lot of hard work.

2. Klingon Style

An apt parody of the 2012 hit by PSY’s “Gangnam Style”, Klingon Style recreates the scenes and dance moves of the original song with persons dressed as Star Trek characters… and has all of its lyrics sung in Klingon. It also includes an on screen tryst between people who look suspiciously like Commander Riker and Deanna Troi. I especially like the video’s takes on what to with the elevator and the car side dance off.

1. Dark Lord Funk

A parody of one of the most popular tracks of 2014, Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk“, this has quickly become my favourite geeky parody music video. Superb lyrics, smooth dancing, sensational costumes: it’s got all the hallmarks of a great parody music video. I also think that the take on the original song’s refrain is inspired and devilishly creepy. And that snake! Now that is dedication.

Well, there you have it. Those are my top ten favourite geeky parody music videos. If you want to watch them all in one go on YouTube, than why not try out this handy playlist.

Want to share your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.