Hello and welcome to this week’s Comic Roundup, this week we have the return of a familiar face. Another preview for this weeks 2000AD, and a rather bizarre team up. So grab a brew and let’s get this roundup started!


Prog 1926

ProgThis week sees Prog 1926 hit UK shelves this Wednesday. This week’s issue sees the current stories continue with Judge Dredd facing a blast from the past. The Titan threat is back and Dredd is less than happy!

Orlok goes mutant hunting in Oz – with an unlikely ally by his side. Slaine continues his fight against the primordial. With the maggot god CRUM-CRUACH making an appearance.

The Grey Area team continue to try and warn the inhabitants of the Home World about the impending danger. The God Star is looming, but no one will listen!

Strontium Dog is on the case! Unfortunately though his unorthodox ways doesn’t seem to be winning him many allies. Pushing the diplomatic boundaries to breaking point…

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


Green Lantern & Star Trek

Star-Trek-and-Green-LanternThis week saw a rather surprising crossover announced by DC and IDW. This summer will see The Green Lantern Corps and the crew of the starship Enterprise join forces once more.

Yes you read that right Hal Jordan will be crossing paths with James T. Kirk and Spock! The new six part mini series entitled Spectrum War will be written by Mike Johnson and artist Angel Hernandez.

The official description, shows some promise: “Set in Star Trek’s 23rd Century, the balance of the universe will be tested when the Green Lantern Corps’ Power Rings come into the possession of certain Star Trek characters while a dark and powerful evil looms around every corner. Only the combined power of the Green Lantern Corps and the Federation stand any chance of stopping those who worship evil’s might.”

So what do you think of this team up –  will you be reading it?



The Question

The-QuestionWith the beginning of the New 52, some stories felt like they never received a proper ending. One such character was Cully Hammer’s and Greg Rucka’s stint on the Question. A series, which saw Renee Montaya take up the mantle of the Question.

Now with the Convergence storyline hitting it’s stride, it would seem that we will get another chance to see what the team had in store for Renee.

Starting on April the 8th, a two part miniseries will be released.  Focusing once more on Renee as the Question. This story will also see elements from their Pipeline storyline they had created for Detective Comics before the New 52 Universe kicked in.

It will be good to see these characters return and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for them.



The Book Of Death

Book-of-DeathWhilst other publishers are looking to the past for their big Crossovers this summer, Valiant have opted for another direction.

For this July, time is fast forwarding into the future –  specifically right to the end for some of their biggest heroes. The Book Of Death written by Robert Vendetti, with art by Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite. The four part series will involve Ninjak, Bloodshot and X-O Manowar.

The description of the series makes me giddy. This sounds like an excellent read: “The Book of the Geomancer has recorded it all. But only a young girl – the last in a line of the enigmatic mystics who protect the Earth known as Geomancers – has seen this future come to pass, from the coming cataclysm to the dawn of the 41st century. Alone with her sworn protector, the Eternal Warrior – a soldier battle-forged across five thousand years of combat – the duo must defy their allies to stop the Dark Age that now threatens to eclipse our world.

Together, they are the number one target of every hero and villain on Earth. Either the Eternal Warrior hands her over…or they take him down. But can even he single-handedly protect one child when the entire Valiant Universe wages war against him?”

What do you think?


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out…