Welcome, one and all to another comic news roundup – with yours truly. This week we have another preview from the 2000AD universe, another weird and wonderful team up is on the way. Also the first torrent comic bundle is revealed! So grab a brew and see what you think to this week’s news…


Prog 1927

Prog-1927This week will see Prog 1927 hit UK comic book shelves.  With the current batch of stories giving us another bite size stories. Judge Fred takes a backseat this week, so we learn a little more about the fate of the convicted judges that managed to escape Titan. Orlok teams up with an agent from East Meg 2 – but will this true last? Will Orlok be able to escape Oz, only time will tell.

Slaine continues his mental fight with GodOdin, as his past endeavors are brought to life one more and the Grey Area team begin to get used to a daily routine. As prisoners in another planets version of the quarantine prison.

The issue then finishes with Strontium Dog, who sets course for Freedonia. Where a less than friendly welcome awaits him.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


Star Wars: Shattered Empire

Star-Wars-Shattered-EmpireThis week marked the Star Wars celebration. We all saw that trailer, and if like me were blown away by Star Wars Battlefront.  However there was much more going on and even Marvel had a surprise in store.

To help tie up events after Return of The Jedi and before the Force Awakens – Marvel will be publishing a new mini series entitled Shattered Empire.  The new series will debut in September.

This week Marvel announced the creative team behind the new series. Writer Greg Rucka will be joined by artist Marco Checchetto for the new tale in a galaxy far far away…




Blacklist-TitanEarlier this year Titan announced plans to publish a comic series, based on The TV show Blacklist.  A brilliant TV show, but there have been no real details on the comic series.  Well till this week that is!

For Titan have revealed that the new series will begin this July and will be written by Nichole Phillips with art by Beni Lobel.

This new series will be written in conjunction with the TV show. I can’t wait to see how they deal with Red.


Archie Comics

Archie vs Sharknado

Archie-vs-SharknadoOver the years Archie has teamed up with a variety of well known characters. From the likes of Kiss, Glee and even the Predator. Some weird crossovers have occurred and this July perhaps the weirdest yet is set to take place!

For Archie is getting a one shot –  squaring off against the Sharknado! Yes you read that right. To be honest I’m at a loss for words…


That’s all for this week till next time, this is Cookie signing out..