Hello and Happy Easter! Welcome to this weeks most eggcellent comic roundup, complete with puns and other news. We have the latest 2000AD preview, news from Marvel and a few other surprises. So grab some chocolate and lets get things started….


Prog 1925

ProgThis week sees Prog 1925 beaming down from Tharg. This week see’s the new stories step up a gear. Judge Dredd faces a Prison Ship smashing into the city – yet whose controlling it and why?

Slaine is scheduled to be sacrificed – to become a godhead! Can he save himself and stop the energy being used by the Primordial?

Orlok is after a potential defector. Can he get to the target, and why are the mutants so interested. With a mind controlled Crocodile to contend with, can Orlok save the day?

Then the issue finishes with Strontium Dog. Johnny Alpha has been giving a task, or his friends die. Can he find the missing dictator, will he survive and whose working behind the scenes?

It’s shaping up to be another strong issue, which hits comic book shelves on the 8th April.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


Fantastic Four

Fantastic-4The final issue of the Fantastic Four is on its way and it looks like it will be joined by Louise Simonson and David Marquez. Its going to be an extra sized special – marking the dramatic conclusion of the current story arc, as well as the end of the family four!

Will they defeat the Quiet Man, can they overcome their own family issues and get back on track. The answers are on the way and this is going to be an explosive finale!


House Of M

House-of-MWhat would have happened if all those years ago, Scarlet Witch never uttered the words…..”No More Mutants.” It’s a question that I have wondered many times and now as part of the Secret Wars – it appears I will finally get the answer.

For the House Of M is heading back to comic book shelves, with that question and more being looked at by Dennis Hopeless. It’s going to be an interesting story to watch unfold.




AsterixEarlier this year I reported that a new Asterix book was on its way, hitting stores this October. Not much else was revealed at the time, but now we have a title.

I’ve always been a big fan of Asterix and his adventures, so I can’t wait to see what his next adventure holds. The new book will be called Asterix and The Missing Scroll – and heralds the return of the one and only Julius Caesar.

I cant wait to find out more…..


Thats all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out…