When I saw a Nintendo Direct was announced on April 1st, I was understandably skeptical. At first I wasn’t sure if there would be one at all. Then I thought maybe there was something in the actual video that was the April fools joke. I’m so glad everything was legit in there. And this one in particular seemed packed with awesome stuff. So let’s take a look…

Smash Bros

Smash-Bros-BallotSmash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS has been out for quite a while. It’s actually nice to see Nintendo continuing to update the game. Mewtwo is not a character I revel in playing, but any new fighters are a good thing (well, most). So I was actually pleasantly surprised when Lucas, from EarthBound, turned up as well. Some might argue he should have been in from the beginning, but I’m not complaining.

But the DLC characters aren’t the only surprise. It might be just me, but I loved the idea of the new costumes, especially with themes like Mega Man and Sonic – even if I rarely use Mii fighters, it’s nice to have it as an option.

Of course the biggest surprise is a micro-site where you vote for who should be a fighter in Smash Bros. I can imagine many character requests going unanswered when people ask for non-Nintendo characters and such, but it does leave me with a sense that maybe I could fight as Reggie. Come on Nintendo, my body is ready!

DS-Virtual-ConsoleVirtual Console

I called this. Totally called it. And by called it, I mean hoped it would happen. DS games on the Wii U. And with more options than just a straight forward gamepad-TV setup.

And of course there’s the N64 games as well. The Wii already had this, so I’m unsure on why it’s taken the Wii U so long to do. But once again, you’re able to play just on the gamepad as well (which is a feature I do actually find handy – as the TV downstairs gets used often in the pursuit of things like Supernatural. Huh, funny that!).

Release dates

Splatoon-AmiiboSo we have some release dates as well. Well, release months really. I’ve been really interested in the machinations of Mario Maker since it was first revealed, so I’m excited for September. It’s been a while and I hope that it is as good as it looks.

Then there was the rough release date of Yoshi’s Wooly World, which I did quite like the look of (more than Kirby and the Rainbow Curse). Though this is still just broadly autumn. It’s interesting to see being able to switch between the two modes.

But the closest one seems to be Splatoon – which looks amazingly fun. With all the content they’ve been dribbling out and the reveal of their Amiibos, I can imagine this one being actually rather popular. Come 29th of May, I’m sure everyone will be squid-mad.

Fatal Frame Wii UFatal Frame for Wii U

One title that really took me by surprise (mostly because I’ve been interested in it for a while, but know that I’ve never seen it in UK shops) is Fatal Frame for the Wii U. I love the idea of using the gamepad in the kind of ways displayed in the trailers – it’s something more games need to do.

Indie GamesOctodad7

I’m kind of liking the whole indie games on consoles now and I was especially surprised to hear Octodad coming to Wii U. I’d heard rumours, but to see it in action is quite nice. Only a few years later, but oh well. I’m liking the idea of the four player mode too. I’m sure it’ll be a hilarious mess, but at least it will be fun.


Oh my. The Amiibos. Please stop Nintendo. At first I liked them. I loved being able to create custom fighters for Smash Bros and I liked the extra bits that happened with other games, but much like in Steam sales – I don’t think my wallet can take it. They must be making a mint off these. I already have about 17 at home – four of which are from the Mario Party 10 line. It’s a really good feature, but geez, I’m not sure I can take anymore – especially with the shortages on certain characters (such as Rosalina).

Saying that, I loved the idea of the Woolly Yoshi Amiibo. I also like the Splatoon ones. And at least Animal Crossing (not that I’m interested in it personally) will have cards. Hopefully that will make them cheaper. It just seems that Nintendo is slowly taking over my living room with these figures. Next step? The world!

Mario Kart 8

Mario-Kart-8Then there’s the news of Mario Kart DLC, coming later this month. While not a fan of Animal Crossing, I’m not really a hater either. I’m sure Emily will appreciate the Animal Crossing characters, but I’m looking forward to new tracks.

But that 200cc looks really fast. That speed will take some getting used to (especially as I still haven’t got gold on all of the 150cc cups – you know the missing one. Yeah, the evil one with Rainbow Road. That should really be called Wainbow Road. Absolute evil.

Then finally was announced more Amiibos unlocking costumes for the Mii racer. Sweet!

Final Analysis

I was actually very surprised with the sheer amount of content in this Nintendo Direct. While they didn’t announce any brand new games, I’m sure that will come at E3 (not too far away now). The strength of the Amiibos are starting to be unlocked which is good. Just a pity that you’ll be looking at quite a bit of money to start building a small collection – but still.

The amount of additional content and updates to already released games is actually very encouraging. At least you know that games won’t simply drop features a few months out of the door.

There was also no need for apologies from Iwata (the delay to Zelda was already announced), which allowed the Nintendo team to bring a stream of good news. I’m really enjoying this method of communication – direct to fans and consumers.

This one in particular was strong and it feels good to be a Nintendo fan right now.