There be spoilers here.

There’s a darkness gathering and Frank Black knows this. With FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder at his heels, Frank is frantically searching for answers he’s not sure he wants answered, with whispers of the Millennium group growing louder and louder. This is who we are.

Bold where it counts

Millennium issue 2 img 2I think the one thing I really enjoyed about this issue is continued use of art by Colin Lorimer and the colours of Joana Lafuente. There’s just something about the combination of these two that leads to really detailed but mysterious panels. The art is truly mimicking the strangeness of the storyline at work, but you can still tell what is going on. Where some of the art in X-Files season 10 has been a bit difficult to deal with, due to being too fluid and undefined, Lorimer and Lafuente make it bold where it counts, keeping it creepy when it matters and only lightning things up to temporarily lull you into a false sense of security before the story tries to punch you again.

And things do get really creepy in this issue. It does look like they’re managing to bring the TV series to life in the pages of a comic. And it’s not just how things are drawn or coloured, the use of iconic symbols from the series are also invoked – at one point we see a huge, wood panelled house that is very similar to The Yellow House of the TV series. You’re left wondering if it is that house and that really appealed to the Millennium fan that I am.

The forces at work

Millennium issue 2 img 1There was a lot revealed in this issue about the various groups that are at work in the storyline. From a child controlled by Legion to two eerie members of the Millennium group: it was all beginning to feel like the forces from the TV series are beginning to square up against each other. Joe Harris has created the sense that there isn’t necessarily some huge battle that’s about to be fought, instead you get the sense that something disgustingly insidious is at work and that it could have far reaching consequences for the characters of both Millennium and the X-Files.

It was interesting seeing Mulder and Frank together in this issue. Mulder is generally a caring character, but the way he handles Frank is different to how he handles many of the strange individuals that head his way normally. Like Mulder is caught between awe and concern. Meanwhile, Frank reads like he is slowly going off the reservation, a problem that plagued him in much of the TV series and is an important piece of characterisation for the character. It all reads like Harris lives and breathes these mythologies.

Frank is just such a sympathetic character and it’s great that Harris has managed to convey this in the comics so far. I felt invested in what was happening to and around him, not at all eager for the issue to end and disappointed when it inevitably did. Getting inside Frank’s head is a real achievement on Harris’s part and I felt some chills as I flipped through this issue’s pages.

EmgoodWorth reading?

There’s still time to jump in on this action, though you definitely need to read issue one as well. I liked the strong character building and the foundations that were being laid for the story. A lot happens in this issue and it really ends on a note that will really please fans. I am looking forward to issue three. So yeah, definitely worth reading.

Issue two of Millennium is published by IDW and out now. Our reviewer bought their own copy.