Hello and welcome to this week’s comic roundup. We have another preview from 2000AD, news from DC and Marvel plus a little extra. So sit back and chill, let’s get ready to rumble…


Prog 1921

ProgThis week will see Prog 1921 hit the shelves in the UK. With an amazing looking, gatefold cover by Greg Staples. The issue kicks off big style with the thrilling conclusion to Dark Justice. Will Dredd and Anderson escape the Dark Judges? Can they be rescued from the Mayflower? Looks like this week we will finally find out.

This is followed up by Survival Geeks in Steampunk’d. Just how is Milton Keynes getting so much energy, why is everyone hunting the Cthulhu and what secrets are lurking beneath the city?

Thargs 3rillers begins a new story this week, entitled 1%. Far out in space a travel ship has found itself stuck in a dust cloud. Yet is there more than meets the eye to the dust cloud, and why does April decide to take a space walk?

The Order continues with the last five members, getting ready for the final showdown. What secrets are left for Ana to find and do they stand a chance against the Wurm invasion?

The issue wraps with another part of the latest Savage story. The grinders have taken control of the Drones – can Bill stop them and will he have to face his big brother as an enemy rather than family? It’s getting a little more drastic as peace is once more threatened.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.



GrootThis week Marvel announced a new solo series for one of my favourite Guardians. However it would seem it may be at a price. A price I’m not sure I want to see!

Taking place in June as part of Secret Wars, get ready for Groot #1. Yes everyone’s favourite talking tree will finally get a solo series – courtesy of Jeff Loveness and Brian Kesinger.

Personally I can’t wait to see how Groot fares in his own series. Alas though, it does mean Rocket Raccoon is coming to an end! Yes Groot will be replacing our favourite space Raccoons solo series. Something I’m not sure I wanted to see.

Only time will tell if Marvel have made the right choice.



Batman: Eternal

Batman-EternalGood news for Bat fans emerged this week. We all know Scott Snyder’s Batman Eternal is heading to an end with #52.

Batman Eternal has been an epic read, with some stunning stories. A shame that it’s ending, however it looks like we have a real treat heading our way.

For the issue is increasing in size. Instead of twenty pages, it’s now a bumper forty eight! This does mean it’s also increased in price – but I’m sure it’s going to be worth the extra cash!



Best Of British

Titan-ComicsTitan Comics this week announced a rather cool feature for their May comics. We’ve already looked at this at Hex – as it was our topic a few months ago – and it looks like Titan are ready to delve into the same this May.

For May is being dedicated to the Best Of British. Get ready for some great comics featuring the talents of Si Spurrier, PJ Holden, Alan Martin and Monty Nero. It’s looking like May will be a blast from Titan and I can’t wait to see what stories they have up their sleeves.


Loan Sloane

Lone-SloaneNot stopping there Titan have also announced the return of Loan Sloane! The Loan Sloane masterpiece library series, begins in June with The 6 Voyages of Loan Sloane complete with art by Phillipe Druillet. It will be a 72 page oversized hardcover book, which marks the first time in 20 years that these stories have been published.

The story follows Loan a troubled space traveller, wandering through the stars 800 years after a catastrophic event. During his travels he finds himself facing off against space pirates, dark gods and massive robots.

Another top addition to Titan’s schedule, I’m sure you’ll agree.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out…