Hello and welcome to this week’s comic roundup. Another week has flown by and this week saw more Secret Wars news unveiled along with some new costumes and a TV tie in. We also have our preview of 2000AD Prog 1922 – heading your way on Wednesday in the UK. So grab a brew and lets see what made me tick this past week….


Prog 1922

ProgProg 1922 from 2000AD will hit comic book shelves across the UK this week. Complete with a cover by Jake Lynch. Things are gearing up for the finale on some of the bigger stories over the last month or so.

This week see’s the blistering finale of The Order as Anna and the other members, face off against the Wurm invasion – in an all out final fight to the finish.

Savage hits its penultimate episode, as brothers face off and tensions boil to breaking point. Can Savage make sure peace is secured for Great Britain?

Dredd gets a one shot adventure this week, in 300 seconds. As we find out why Dredd takes five minutes of his day to stand sentinel at one particular point in Mega City One.

Survival Geeks continue their adventure in a steampunk Milton Keynes. With a potential human sacrifice on the cards, can the team start working together?

Tharg’s 3rillers continues with 1% as the secrets of the dust storm continues to bring mystery and horror to a space liner – stranded in space.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


X-Men 92

X-Men-92If you were lucky enough to be around in the 90’s you might have caught the Fox Kids X-Men animated series. It was quite mature for its time and a show that remains close to my heart. It managed to capture the Marvel characters perfectly, with its vivid colours and excellent voice casting.

If you were a fan, then you may have got a little excited when a teaser was announced last November – revealing the return of the 90’s X-Men in Secret Wars. Since then I’ve been tentatively waiting for more news….to see what Marvel had in store for these mutants.

Now all has been revealed – for X-Men 92 will see the return of the 90’s version of the X-Men in a digital first series. Taking place during the Secret Wars arc. The new series will be handled by Chris Sims and Chad Bowers.

The new digital series will debut in May with a print version becoming available in June. It’s going to be exciting to see what happens to my favourite 90’s team!


Mrs Deadpool

Mrs-DeadpoolMarvel took me by surprise this week, by announcing yet another Secret Wars title. This new title will begin to hit the shelves in July, with a lead character I have to admit I didn’t expect.

Many of us know her as Shiklah a character that has not really seen much presence in the Marvel universe. She is the queen of the Monster Metropolis below Manhattan – and better known to some as Mrs Deadpool!

The new series will be written by Gerry Duggan and also stars a Werewolf, Frankenstein and the Living Mummy. Oh and we will also have a diabetic Centaur!

It’s an interesting yet weird concept – definitely worthy of a look.




SupermanDC unveiled some new looks this week, for a few of our favourite characters. In June DC will mark their new era with their three biggest hitters – getting a totally radical makeover!

First up is Superman, gone is the cape in a nod to to the outfit Clark sported during  Grant Morrison/Rags Morale’s run on the title, back in 2012. Along with the cape being lost in the wind, it looks like tights are off limits too. With quite a more subtle street look of t-shirt and jeans. It’s certainly a change of tempo for the man of steel – will these be the only changes?



Wonder-WomanNext big change, with a look that I’m really liking is the one, the only – Wonder Woman. Gone are the tight shorts – and low cut top. Now we have a rather sweet looking fairly longish skirt and full sleeved top.

Looking at it it seems to have a sense of old and futuristic appeal to it. Armour that looks like it can hold during a fight, rather than be sliced off at the drop of a hat!


Armoured Batman

Armoured-BatmanThe third rather dramatic change I saw this week, was the post convergence armoured Batman! A look that reminds me a little of the costume in the Knights Saga, worn by Jean Paul Valley.

Looking very futuristic and clunky! This is the look I’m not really feeling. The armoured Batman looks like a cross between Iron Man and a battle mech suit.


Boom Studios!

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy-HollowThis week fans of TV series Sleepy Hollow received a very pleasant surprise from Boom. The gulf between season two of the hit TV show, has had a slight reprieve thanks to the four issue mini series, which Boom released after the finale.

However now that the mini series has also ended, some fans may be facing withdrawal. That’s soon to come to an end thanks to the arrival of of an Origins one shot comic is set to hit comic book shelves.

Entitled Origins, this one shot will feature five short stories once more written by Mike Johnson and illustrated by Matias Bergara. As many of you will know Johnson has worked very closely with the writers of the show – so close that the comic book series is viewed as officially happening in the TV universe.

I can’t wait to see how the comics bring the TV universe back to life, before season three hits the screen.


That’s all for this week, till next time – this is Cookie signing out.