Hello and welcome to another comic roundup – March is here and Spring is blooming. It’s been a fairly quiet week in the world of comics. Yet there were still a few titbits that managed to intrigue me. This week we have another 2000AD preview, some news about gaming worlds entering the comic universe for a mega event! We also have some news from Ms Marvel. Is that enough to whet your appetite? If so let’s begin….


Prog 1920

ProgProg 1920 will hit comic book shelves in the UK this week. Continuing it’s current run of stories. The thrilling, creepy Dark Justice storyline continues this week. Dredd and Anderson are low on ammo and time on the Mayflower – with the Dark Judges closing in!

Survival Geeks continue their Steam Punk adventure, with jealousy and dates on the cards. Also a rather cool reference to Star Wars is set to take place as Simon sets out to find what the city of Milton Keynes is really hiding. Yes that’s right a steampunk version of Milton Keynes has made it to print!

Thargs 3rillers strides to a conclusion this week. With Amany continuing to fight the alien entity The Link. Will she be able to save the Underground and the rest of humanity? Find out in it’s epic finale!

The Order continues this week as the world is crumbling after the Wurm invasion. With the remaining members and Anna fighting the onslaught – expect casualties on both sides!

This week’s issue concludes with another part of Grinders, the Savage story. Peace was short lived for Savage and it looks like his brothers true motives finally come to light. Yet is his brother really a traitor? What do the Grinders really have to do with the enemy. It’s looking like this could end up being a brother fight to the bitter end!

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


Ms Marvel

Ms-MarvelKamala Khan has not been long in the Marvel Universe. Taking up the mantle of Ms Marvel she has proven to be an excellent character to follow – with some really intriguing story lines. However Marvel have announced that this may all be coming to an end.

Miss Khan is set to take part in the Secret Wars later this year, as part of the end of day’s series. Ms Marvels last day’s are set to begin this June with #16. How will Ms Marvel make the most of her final day’s as the Marvel Universe we know and love comes to an end!


Archie Comics

World’s Unite

Worlds-UniteBack in 2013 Archie Comics held a crossover event entitled “World’s Collide.” The story arc saw Sonic and Megaman join forces. Now Archie have a sequel on the way, with a much bigger cast!

The new story arc “Worlds Unite” will see Sonic and Megaman team up once more. There will be a whole host of other video game stalwarts joining this event. Characters from Street Fighter, Monster Hunter and even Alex Kidd.

The new story arc will debut in May and will take place over several of Archies titles including Sonic Boom, Megaman X and Sonic Universe.

It’s looking like a crossover with huge potential and it’s certainly one to look out for.



Red Sonja

Red-SonjaA little while ago Dynamite ran a cover contest for Red Sonja. The contest was subsequently won by talented artist Matt Brooks. Well it would seem that Dynamite and Red Sonja LLC were suitably impressed by Matt’s work.

For they have commissioned Matt for another cover and this time it’s a variant. The variant cover will be for #15. The issue will continue the work from Gail Simone and artist Walter Geovani. I have to say it’s looking rather impressive.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out…

  • Bex (arbitrary)

    Let’s get this out of the way: don’t worry, excitable Kamala Khan fans. “Last Days” is just the name of an upcoming mini-event specific to the Marvel Universe that will lead in to Secret War, and Ms Marvel isn’t actually going anywhere. Says series writer G. Willon Wilson:

    I’m seeing some panic over the Last Days story announcement. No need to fear! It’s the end of the Marvel U, not of Kamala. 🙂
    — G. Willow Wilson (@GWillowWilson) February 19, 2015

  • onearmedcookie

    Thanks for the update – wonder if they will change anything about her though. It will still be interesting to see how she spends her last days in this Marvel universe and how she deals with the new one 🙂