Hello and welcome to this week’s Comic Roundup, this week we have a new Avengers lineup, some potentially big changes for our favourite mutants and another 2000 AD preview. So grab a brew and a doughnut and let’s get started.

2000 AD

Prog 1924

ProgProg 1924 hits comic book shelves this Tuesday, with a bang. Have you wondered whether you would enjoy the comic? Well now’s your chance – being touted as a perfect issue to jump into the 2000 AD universe.

In this week’s issue a new story arc begins for Judge Dredd, set on an alien moon. Where a new prison is being built – what possibly go wrong!

Book two of Slaine begins – a celtic warrior looking for a fight. With mystical cults and a mission yet to be revealed Slaine is back fighting to save Albion one more.

Another story begins for the Grey Area a quarantine area setup to police Aliens wanting to visit Earth. Built after a great disaster in 2025 – a disaster that ended up in Alien contamination.

Orlok is back in another adventure, a futuristic Bond working for East Meg One. One of their biggest assets, running various missions including sabotage and assassinations.

Strontium Dog is back. A Bounty Hunter in the lawless galactic frontier. Operating out of the Doghouse, run by the Galactic Crime Commission. Presumed dead, being blown to smithereens in his last adventure. But now Johnny Alpha is back!

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


The All New All Different Avengers

Different-AvengersMarvel teased us with a few announcements this week. The first one being a rather interesting change to the Avengers lineup. We knew change was heading their way, yet I still didn’t foresee some of the newest additions.

The All New All Different Avengers will see the team adding Ms Marvel, Lady Thor, Nova and Miles Morales! This should prove for some interesting changes and will be interesting to see how these newest members work alongside Iron Man, Vision and Captain America.

The new roster will hit comic book shelves on the 2nd May.



X-MenOver at CBR, they have been talking to Marvel EIC Axel Alonso – and he may have made an interesting revelation. During the interview – the topic changed to everyone’s favourite mutants, The X-Men.

For over a year rumours have circulated that Marvel were looking to perhaps cancel the X-Men books. Due to the film rights sitting with Fox, Marvel seem to be focusing more on the Inhumans. To be fair I can see why they might be going that way.

As discussed last week, during the Secret Wars saga – the X-Men books are indeed seemingly going onto a hiatus. However they might be coming back, albeit in a separate universe!

That’s right the X-Men may be bowing out for a while but they are set to return, perhaps in a separate universe with a completely overhauled team. I have to admit my interest has piqued, to see just how this will affect the rest of the universe.

I mean no mutants in the new Marvel Universe, seems a little wrong to me – if true.


Uncanny Inhumans

Uncanny-InhumansWe know that the Fantastic Four has ended, yet I have wondered what will happen to the characters. After all they were solid characters and it seems a shame that they wouldn’t be in the new Marvel Universe.

Well one of them is set to return, joining a new family. Johnny Storm AKA The Human Torch, has found a new home teaming up with the Uncanny Inhumans. A new start for Johnny, one that to be fair seems a perfect fit. Especially when you take into account his history with Crystal.

It will be good to see how he can shake up the world of the Inhumans.


Oni Press

Lion Of Rora

Lion-of-RoaraThis week Oni have announced, what could prove to be an interesting graphic novel. Entitled Lion of Rora, written by Christos Gage, Ruth Fletcher Gage and Jackie Lewis. The new story will hit comic book shelves on August the fifth.

Based on a true story, Lion of Rora tells the tale of Joshua Jan Axel and the Waldensians. A persecuted Christian movement during the 17th century in Italy. Inspired to lead his people to resist the tyranny of the local Duke.

It could prove to be a rather good read this August.


Boom! Studios

The Fiction

The-FictionThis week Boom have also unveiled an interesting new series, entitled simply The Fiction. It’s premise seems tantalisingly intriguing. The story centres around for childhood friends. One day they discover a collection of strange books, books with an interesting magic surrounding them.

For these books hold the power to transport them to beautiful works described within the pages, when read aloud. However as ever there is a price, and I’ve of the four goes missing. With the disappearance comes a pact – never to reveal the power in the books or speak of the places they have been.

Now as adults one of the other friends disappears, with the remaining two vowing to find out what happened to their friends. An interesting concept that shows some great promise.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out….