There be spoilers here.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl returned this week, as Ryan North and Erica Henderson continued their tale of college life versus squirrel-like super powers versus super hero like responsibilities. The cover gives a good indication of the main point of concern for this issue: Galactus is on his way to Earth and Squirrel Girl and the Earth’s squirrels are the only ones who know this.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl issue two img 1College life

It’s still Doreen/Squirrel Girl’s first day of college in this issue, so we get this great set-up for her expectations of life there in comparison to her room mate. It’s funny the way that Doreen is so excitable about the whole experience and it’s quite different to the way we often see people’s attitudes to college portrayed in fiction – it’s rare to see a protagonist this enthused, it’s usually minor characters who are, but this switch makes for a nice change.

Erica Henderson’s stylings for Doreen and Squirrel Girl continue to be fabulous, helping to ground the character in the non-super hero role she’s trying to eke out for herself, but also emphasising just how bizarre Squirrel Girl as a hero is. But what’s still great, is how Doreen looks at home when she’s wearing all casual, for me super heroes often look out of place when they’re dressed outside of their crime fighting, universe saving, outfits.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl issue two img 2Punch out

With great gusto, Ryan North continues the pulling no punches when it comes to humour in this issue. If it’s not mega crushes, it’s missing out on joining the anime club, or pulling the wool over the eyes of Stark Tower’s security – there are some nutty moments in this issue. (Of course the pun is intended.)

However, I’m not sure if the pacing was quite right in this issue. There’s this self-reflexive moment when in the notes, it points out that it can’t keep explaining what’s been going on, and there moments where Doreen/Squirrel Girl repeats stuff that was already said in issue one, obviously to help people who may have just started the series. But this does have the unfortunate effect of slowing things down by a noticeable amount, though I do appreciate why they’re there.

North manages, despite all the cuteness and humour, to keep up the suspense. The good ol’ countdown manages to be a parody that you laugh at, at first, but then slowly realise that there’s a load of crap hovering by, ready to hit a fan.

EmgoodWorth reading?

You could definitely jump on with this issue (though I definitely think you need to check out the first). Apart from being a little slow in places, the rest of this issue is a fun read that continues to build on Doreen as a character, with plenty going on to keep you interested.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl issue two is out now. Our reviewer bought their own copy.