Tales from the Borderlands was an unexpected announcement from Telltale Games in 2014. A focus on narrative in the Borderlands universe, rather than thousands of guns? Could it work? Released across PC, Mac, PS3/4, Xbox One/360, iOS and Android, Tim took to his Kindle Fire HD to find out if episode one is worth getting into.

Tales from the Borderlands episode 1 img 1Big hopes

So I’d seen this on my iPhone and had neglected it as I have only so much space on my 8 Gig memory. Then after getting my Kindle for Xmas I suddenly had a lot of options and remembered this game and imputed it. Bingo. I was NOT disappointed. Telltale just make great games, The Walking Dead had so many awards it was insane, Fables: The Wolf among us and too many to list. As a long-time fan of ‘Borderlands’ I had to see what the story was and dived right in.

Tales from the Borderlands episode 1 img 2The set-up

Our tale involves a Hyperion Employee called Rhys (a Gordon Gecko type) office guy who is dealing with the post events of Borderlands 2. He’s in line for a nice promotion and a chance to help his best friend Vaughn up the corporate ladder as well. Until his rival is promoted and ‘promotes’ Rhys to the Janitorial department. No, this isn’t a film by Mike Judge as you may be thinking. Rhys gets one over his new boss to buy a Vault key (that he was going to buy himself) using company money where after a series of unfortunate events (all with that glorious Borderlands dark humour) he meets with your other Player character Fiona a con artist.

Misc-goodWorth playing?

I was sucked in early to the story it was like a slice of life from the main games, all the trademarks are there, colourful characters (with flash intros), OTT violence and that cell-shaded animation which is easy on the eye. The controls are easy and sometimes quick time events catch you out. But if you die, it’s all fine as you can try again. Admittedly this is one of five episodes and I enjoy every minute of the moral choice simulator.

I am buying the season pass.

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 – Zer0 Sum is out now across multiple platforms. Our reviewer bought their own copy of the game.