Looking for some independent classic science fiction? Tim checks out Mars Dorian’s independently published Attack Planet to see if this tale of space and military is worth reading.


When I first received this book I was wary. When I hear the phrase “Indie Author” I get nightmare images of bad fan fiction and desperate eyes at comic Conventions. (Though, I have been pleasantly surprised in the past few years.) But Mars Dorian has delighted me greatly with a story (one of hopefully a few) of Sci-fi goodness that I will be recommending to people.

The set-up

Our tale involves the planet Fortuna where humanity has settled living in a world of commercialised warfare for an excellent price and the rest of humanity live off the land on what they can. Our hero is one Flint Ocelot a young man from the great meadows, who lives a quiet(ish) life with his family eking out an existence. Until one day the Scavs attack the homestead and his mother is fatally wounded. She can live if they rent the organs, but it’s going to cost the world to keep her alive. When he sees an advert to join the Frontliners a part of BEAM and earn millions he goes forth.

So it’s a ‘Heroes Journey’ format of story, but done with a fresh flair.


Reading this I see there is certainly some influences from classic sci-fi and certainly a chunk of the ‘Borderlands’ game series with new names. But that’s purely speculative opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed the capitalist nature of the universe, where you don’t buy ammo, its nanotechnology made and then you just buy more and it turns up. Everything is technology based and you can have a shower in coconut flavoured water. I don’t know why, but that sounds awesome.

Misc-goodWorth reading?

Attack Planet is well worth the read. I blazed through it surprisingly quickly, but as I always say, that’s the hallmark of a good book. You want to keep reading, despite all else in life. Utterly rawsome.

Attack Planet is out now available through Amazon as a Kindle ebook. The author provided our reviewer a copy of the novel.