You all know by now, that I really am looking forward to the resurrection of Spider-Man on the big screen. Marvel and Sony getting together has made all giddy with joy and I’ve high hopes for the new take on the character.

Yet how should they bring Spidey back, what changes should they make. These are all questions that Miles Morales300x300have been running around peoples heads since the initial announcement. My own colleague David has had his say – about having a more mature Peter Parker donning the mask. That we should look to seeing an older Spidey grace our screens.

Certainly if Spider-Man were to appear in Civil War, I concur that it would definitely make sense to have an older more mature Peter taking up the mantle. It would be nice to see an older Spidey appear on the big screen – showing us how he has grown into a man.

However another rumour started up on the internet over the last couple a weeks, a rumour, that I have to admit seems to be an absolutely brilliant idea. A rumour that has called for Sony and Marvel to turn the attention away from Peter Parker (an idea that at first seems shocking and inconceivable) and to turn to a new alter ego. The one and only Miles Morales!

The teenager that continued on Spidey’s crime fighting ways in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. Some have been overwhelming in their enthusiastic response to this idea. Others have been rather less amused at such an idea – screaming from the rooftops at how ridiculous the idea is.

I personally think it’s an outstanding idea. To see Miles take on the mantle would be an amazing thing to watch on the big screen. It would be a definite new spin on the character and with such a wonderful character that is Miles, there is so much Sony could do. So many angles they could tell Miles story.

For those that don’t know Miles is a half African American, half Latino teenage boy with Peter’s spider powers. Miles however does have a few other tricks up his sleeve. Two neat little tricks that give him an edge over Mr Parker.

First off he can blend into his background, giving him a stealthy nature and he also has a venom blast. A blast that can paralyse his enemies. Miles is street wise growing up in Brooklyn, intelligent (although not as intelligent as Peter) and knows how to crack a pun or two.

Over the last few years, Miles has grown into a marvellous character fuelled by his own inner demons and trials. Questioning his own morales on more than one occasion. With his own family members hiding their own criminal activities from Miles – decisions have been hard for him. This has seen the character in my opinion develop into one of Marvel’s best characters in the last decade.

So yes I think this would be a great move from Marvel and Sony. It would certainly be interesting to see a new universe develop on the big screen, there is just one tiny issue though that I could see though. As previously stated if it is indeed Civil War, where Spidey will first appear to make the story work as well as the comic did – they will need an older more mature Spidey. Peter Parker is the most logical choice for this to work.

Yet there could be a way to get the best of both worlds. I’m excited for both you see the young and the more mature, therefore my brain has seemingly kicked into overdrive – creating plans to get the most out of this new collaboration.

So please, if you will let me share with you the two options I have fathomed to truly make this work – well for me anyway! So sit back and let me indulge my ideas – some that may have appeared already but to be fair I haven’t seen them.

First scenario that would fit the bill for both would be to have Peter Parker in Civil War. A more mature older Peter, capable of making the decisions he may need to make, during the film. However in a twist that could have people up in arms – things do not end well for Peter. Sacrificing his life for the greater good. Right at the end a young Miles could step in ready to take up the mantle, but it would just be a fleeting glance. Ready for Sony to take the reigns in the next film.

Personally although I can see this way working, it would seem to be a terrible shame to let it unfold this way. Although for dramatic effect and flair it could create, would certainly make you sit up and think what the fudge! It would also add a sense of dark dread to Marvel cinematic universe – making us wonder what other shocks could happen next.

The only other way to get the best of both worlds that shouts straight to me – is an idea that could certainly turn the Marvel universe on its head. We know that both studios are working together – we know that Spidey is set to make a cameo in an upcoming Marvel film. The specific film is still unknown.

That’s all we really do know. We don’t know what Sony are working on or how they are looking to reboot the franchise. We do know there will be a new Spidey and apparently they want a young teen once more.

So if it is Civil War that he will first appear in (my money is definitely on this one) how about it being an older Peter Parker. Perhaps Marvel will get to use the original character as he would best fit into the Ben Reilly 300x300Marvel universe – without a shadow of a doubt. However what if, as part of this deal – there are in fact two Spider-Man’s!

Good old Peter Parker appearing in Marvel’s films and then we have Sony reboot the franchise with Miles Morales. Creating the Ultimate universe for some new adventures? We could get the best of both worlds and have two distinct versions of Spidey appearing in the cinema. Now to me that’s a win win scenario all round. Fitting for everyone, don’t you think?

So what do you think? Could either of these scenarios prove worthy in the cinema. Who do you hope is the next Spidey? Perhaps you may want Miguel O’Hara as the new Spidey or even Ben Reilly should be the next web slinging hero. Let us know what you think.