It’s time, once more to look back on some of the biggest comic news – from over the last couple of weeks. This week we have another preview from 2000AD, more news on titles to tie in with Secret Wars, a most triumphant return and a few familiar faces reunite…


Prog 1918

Prog-1918This week will see Prog 1918 hitting comic book shelves across the UK. With a vibrant cover from Rufus Dayglo. Dark Justice continues this week as Dredd attempts to escape being judged by the Dark Judges.

We have two new tales beginning this week with the return of The Survival Geeks a rather wacky group of sci-fi obsessed characters – travelling around the outer limits of time and space in a seemingly normal two up two down suburban house!

Tharg’s 3rillers also returns with a new three part story. This time centering on a Muslim refugee Amany who is waiting to see if she will be deported from the UK. Resorting to begging for change on the Underground she can’t begin to fathom the adventure that’s about to begin!

The Order continues this week as the fight against the Wurm’s begins to ramp up a gear. Yet there seem to be many secrets for the Order to yet discover – beginning with a family reunion!

Wrapping this issue is Savage. Just what is his brother up to? Will Savage learn the truth before peace is disrupted once again. Just what do they intend for Savage to do and is he just being used as just a pawn? The questions seem to be growing around this story every week.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.



ModokMarvel announced a few more titles, which will tie into the Secret Wars saga this week. The first I saw – I admit to being a little surprised by. For super villain M.O.D.O.K is getting his own limited series during the event.

Launching in May, Assassin #1 will see the bodiless villain become the deadliest hitman across all of Battleworld. The new series will be written by Christopher Yost and artist Amilcar Pinna. It will be based around Killville, the only place on Battleworld where murder seems to always be the correct answer.

Sounds like an interesting title and it will be interesting to see how M.O.D.O.K ties in with the Secret Wars.



InfernoAnother classic cross-over is entering the Secret Wars. Another country has been added to the Battleworld map – it looks like we’re returning to the classic 1989 story….Inferno.

The cross-over will enter the Secret Wars under the Warzones tie-in banner. Written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Javier Garron. It’s premise is similar to Marvel’s What If line. In this reality the forces of Limbo run rampant across the Marvel Universe – the X-Men were unsuccessful in defeating the demon hordes in Manhattan.

It will be set five years after the fall of Manhattan and I have to say I’m rather intrigued to see what lays in store for the X-Men that remain!


Boom! Studios

Bill & Ted

Bill-and-tedBoom! announced a rather radical return this week, with a new series hitting shelves in March. It’s a Most Triumphant return for the one, the only most radical duo – Bill & Ted. The new series will be written by Brian Lynch with art by Jerry Gaylord.

The story will be a proper follow up to the movies with Bill & Ted’s need to fulfill their destiny. Becoming the inspiration for galactic harmony. The first issue will be available on March 11th. I for one, cannot wait to see what mischief they can get into.



Justice League International

JLInternationalJustice League International has always been a rather unique team. They had drama, humour and had some truly memorable character moments – moments that have stayed with me for years.

DC have seen how important these characters are for the DC Universe with several starring in Justice League 3001 – they now have another chance to shine once more. DC will be releasing a two issue mini-series, which will tie-in to the main Convergence event.

The team will be reuniting in Convergence: Justice League International. The story will be written by Ron Marz and will see Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter, Fire, Ice, Captain Atom and Red Tornado working together once more.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out…