February is hurtling towards a close, with excitement growing around Secret Wars from Marvel and Convergence from DC. Yet there’s still a few surprises publishers have up their sleeves. This week was testament to that with some interesting new comics heading our way.

Marvel continued building the hype around Secret Wars. We have some great news concerning the return of The Spirit and a new hero from Dynamite….


Prog 1919

ProgThis week 2000AD Prog 1919 hits comic book shelves. It’s shaping up to be a rather explosive issue.

Dark Justice continues as Dredd and Anderson are trapped on the Mayflower with the Dark Judges. With time running out – can Dredd finally trap the judges or will they finally pass judgement on the living!

Survival Geeks continues, with the gang finding there way around the Steampunk world they’ve fallen into. Complete with another version of Evan and strange little creatures that are being hunted, yet the question remains what for?

Thargs 3rilers continues its story entitled Station to Station. With the underground seemingly under attack – the question remains. Who’s behind it and what is the collective?

The Order continues with a family reunion for Anna, yet can it be real. Who is really behind the Wurms and will they survive.

Then to complete the issue we have Savage. All hell is set to break loose as the powers lurking in the shadows, threatening the peace. Finally start to ramp up the heat!

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.



SilkIn my opinion one of the most intriguing characters to enter the world of Spider-Man in recent years was a young lady called Cindy Moon. When she first appeared we found out that she had been bitten by the same radioactive spider, that gave Mr Parker his amazing powers.

Since then she has saved Peter’s life on several occasions, going on to travel the Spider-verse alongside Spider-Woman. Now Marvel have seen fit to grant Cindy her own comic as her alias Silk!

The new story will see Cindy on her own in the New York City searching for her past. How will her past define her her future? I guess we’ll find out soon enough and I can’t wait. The comic will be written by TV’s Supernatural Robbie Thompson with art by Stacey Lee.


Superior Iron Woman

Superior-Iron-WomanLast week saw Marvel unveil their May solicitations. A lot of them were expected as Secret Wars get its eagerly anticipated debut. However there were still a few unexpected twists remaining to be revealed.

Since the female Thor debuted last year, one thing has remained a secret – her true identity. That is all set to change in May with Thor #8 – complete with the final battle against the Destroyer.

That’s not all for in #8 of Superior Iron Man things are about get shaken up! With a bold statement “Superior Iron Man Is Dead! Long live Superior Iron Woman.” Complete with a rather teasing cover….is that Pepper Potts?



The Spirit

 The-SpiritA while back I shared my excitement that Dynamite was bringing back the legendary crime fighter Danny Colt – AKA The Spirit. Not much has been revealed about the new series. That changed this week, with the news that the new series will be written by the awesome Matt Wagner.

Also the first issue is set to hit shelves in July. I can’t wait to see how Matt brings The Spirit back into today’s world.


Justice Inc: The Avenger

Justice-IncThis week Dynamite also revealed that the great Mark Waid will be working on their upcoming Justice Inc: The Avenger Series.

Expanding the Justice Inc Universe, the new series will focus on wealthy industrialist Richard Henry Benson. The relentless vigilante and master of disguise also known as the The Avenger. Benson will join the pulp hero series that includes The Shadow and Doc Savage.

The first issue will hit shelves this June. It’s certainly one to look out for.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out.