Another month seems to have just flown by. The nights are chilly and we’ve had some glorious snow – now though as the night draws in its time for another comic roundup. So grab a cocoa and let’s check in with some of the biggest news from the world of comics this last seven says.


Prog 1916

ProgThis week will see Prog 1916 hitting shelves in the UK, with an epic cover by Adam Brown. Showcasing the Worms from the Order. Inside there’s 32 pages of goodness awaiting us. The Dark Judges step up a gear in part six of Dark Justice, will the Judges fall into the trap they’ve set? What will become of the Mayflower?

Ulysees Sweet continues his rampage, but will the Governor be ready for him? Is the Governor even sane! We may just fund it this week. Then the action moves to Orlok, where we get to see what he’s really been fighting for. Will his plan unravel though as he gets closer to the true target?

The Order is full of Worms this week! Will Anna and Co be able to stop their rampage,especially when there’s enemies in both sides? Then the issue wraps up with Savage – a family reunion will always reveal secrets. Yet what secret is his brother really hiding?

It’s looking like another strong issue from 2000AD – enjoy.

The publisher very kindly sent us a review copy.


Black Vortex: Alpha

black-vortexSo after last week’s huge announcement I was thinking it may be a little quiet from the offices of Marvel. I was of course wrong, and they still had a few aces up their sleeves to share with us.

First off, get ready for a dream team up. In a special one shot two of Marvels most well known heroic teams are set to join forces – to help save the Marvel Universe. Next week will see The X-Men and The Guardians Of The Galaxy unite in The Black Vortex: Alpha.

An ancient artefact falls into the wrong hands – with immeasurable power. It’s down to the two teams to join together and fight the good fight! It’s a team up I was hoping get to see and it sounds like it could be a real cracker.



InhumansThe Inhumans have been bought back in to the Marvel Universe in a big way over the last few months. With many of us wondering how they would be used in Secret Wars. Now thanks to an announcement last Thursday we have an idea.

Their third ongoing series has been announced and will tie in with Secret Wars. Entitled Attilan Rising, the new series will be written by Charles Soule with artist John Timms. It’s being described as a tale of romance and intrigue. Inhumans are here to stay by the looks of things, which isn’t a bad thing.




BatmanOver at Newsarama this week, they had a chat with Scott Snyder about his plans for the Caped Crusader this year. I’m rather excited about what he had to say, promising big changes later this year. After the current story featuring the Joker, comes to an end.

There’s going to be a change of status quo along with new villains – a change is going to occur. One that hasn’t been done in seventy five years of Batman. I for one cannot wait to see what Scott has up his sleeves!




UncannyThis week saw Dynamite announce the return of Uncanny! The critically acclaimed comic book series by Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell will return this April for season two. The series is a modern crime noir with unnatural human abilities.

The first season was a rather epic read and I’m pumped to get my grubby mitts on the second day season.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out.