Welcome to another comic roundup, this week we have new titles from DC, a shakeup in teams once more from Marvel, news from Dark Horse and another preview from 2000AD. So get settled and lets get this show on the road….


Prog 1917

ProgThis week see’s Prog 1917 hitting shelves from 2000AD. This week see’s us bid farewell to Orlok and Ulysses as their stories reach their climatic finale.

Also Judge Dredd finds himself being judged by Judge Death – will he survive by himself? What about the rest of his team on the Mayflower. This story is dark, creepy and is only getting better.

The Order continues their fight against the deadly Wurm’s as an all out attack unveils a few more secrets. Then we have Savage where Bill finds himself once more being controlled by the new government and other players. Yet what is his brother truly after?

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy. 



A-ForceSo this week Marvel announced one huge surprise – with a brand new Avengers team. A team that to be honest I’ve been waiting for years!

Over the years The Avengers have always had some rather powerful and interesting female characters on the roster. Yet there’s never been an all female team – this has now changed! Last week Marvel introduced us to the all new A-Force.

Secret Wars will see every Avengers team disband – yet a world without the Avengers just wouldn’t be right. Therefore a band of women will join together to create the new Avengers.

Members will include She-Hulk, Medusa, Captain Marvel and Spider-woman. The A-Force will also be the introduction to a brand new character called Singularity. This is promising to bring a new era for The Avengers and I can’t wait to what the future holds for this new team.


Master Of Kung Fu

Master-of-Kung-FuBack in the late seventies, early eighties Marvel published a truly wonderful comic called Master Of Kung Fu. It was rather deep, there was love, loss and plenty of danger. At times it could also be wonderfully weird.

However although this was a classic – reprints of the work have never happened and probably will never happen. Due to the main character Shang Chi being the son of Fu Manchu – who was created by Sax Rohmer. The rights to the character are owned by the Rohmer estate. This has meant that only the original copies or scans are available – unless Marvel manage to arrange some sort of deal with the estate.

However Shang Chi has been seen in the Marvel Universe over the years, in fact as recently as last year. Now however Marvel have announced a new take on the timeless tale. One that will occur during the Secret Wars – Master Of Kung Fu is back as is Shang Chi albeit with a new origin.

I can’t wait to see how they’ve changed his personal history, I just hope the story is as masterful as the original.



New 52 Disappearing

New-new-52Big news from DC this week – we already knew things were going to shaken up after Convergence. Yet I did not see this announcement happening – I have to admit it took me by surprise.

After Convergence the tag New 52 will be no more! Yep that’s right the New 52 will cease sort of. This June will see the end of the New 52 branding and the launch of 25 new titles. From the existing roster of titles only 25 will continue, remaining in their continuity of the Universe.

These titles include Batman, Action Comics and Batgirl. The new titles being rebooted to #1 have some exciting promise including Contantine: Hellblazer, Starfire and Batman Beyond.

DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio stated “In this new era of storytelling, story will trump continuity as we continue to empower creators to tell the best stories in the industry.”  An interesting move by DC one that I’ll be looking at in more detail during the week.


Dark Horse

Mulan: Revelations

mulanDark Horse announced a rather interesting new comic story – focusing on the legend of Mulan but with a twist. Written by Marc Andreyko and illustrated by Micah Kaneshiro the new story, called Mulan: Revelations will hit shelves this June.

Described as a blend of Martial Arts and Cyberpunk the story will focus on a new Mulan so named after her ancestor. Chosen by the ancient Chinese Immortals the new Mulan will have to face a deadly virus. A virus that threatens humanity!

Its an intriguing premise and I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes open for it.


That’s all for this week – till next time this is Cookie signing out.