The Starship Damrey is part of the Guild series of 3DS games which have been published by LEVEL-5, (all of the games have been developed by various developers), and includes Attack of the Friday Monsters. However, where AFM was a cheery tale with bits of drama, The Starship Damrey is another kettle of fish altogether. Did Tim enjoy his time among the stars, or find himself cowering in a corner? Read on to find out.


No controlsDamrey opens telling you it won’t tell you the controls, as it’s an interactive learning experience. This also translates in my book as slightly annoying. BUT the rest of the game makes up for it.

A short adventure running at 2-3 hours tops, Starship Damrey incorporates aspects of horror, suspense and sci-fi. Oh and jumpscares, because that what horror is all about now. Waking up in a stasis pod, unable to release the hatch, you are forced to reprogram the ship’s computers and work out what’s happened via the medium of an AR droid . It trundles around the ship encountering all manner of darkness and a smiling girl in a straw hat.

Oh and the exterminating of space leeches which are evil and much like Mynocks from Star Wars.. Luckily you know when they are nearby by the gawdawful ‘SCRITCHHHH’ noise they make. (Killing all 20 gives you end content as well).

robotSo the interface does like the games says, you learn your way around by experimentation, which can be pretty nifty, but there’s a lot of rolling around trying to work out what to do. With at least one puzzle I had to go to a guide to see what I needed to do, as at times it’s like a 90s point and click game. And hey kids we all remember the words of Eric Idle saying, ‘That doesn’t work,’ right?
Also there’s a secret ending, but it vaguely mentions it as you play. If you do find it then you get additional unlock content about the universe, which you can get from buying other games from the ‘Guild’ series.

Worth playing?

misc-could-be-betterBut overall, The Starship Damrey is a fun little game. I’m not massively worried to replay it and see what the additional content is. But it is worth it to see the 2001 reference and the nice twist ending. If you’ve bought the other games in the Guild series, it might be worth playing, but it is very different from Attack of the Friday Monsters.

The Starship Damrey is out now on the 3DS eShop. Our reviewer bought his own copy of the game.