This week on the Nerds Assemble podcast, Emily, Paul and Retroid (sorry, no Cookie this week) are joined by Kevin Furlong to get nerdy and geeky about nerdy and geeky things. Join the team as they discuss: the original gender of Commander Shephard and how Square Enix were the only publishers that liked Life Is Strange’s setup just as it was; that House of Cards season three trailer; JamGame – The Backwards Game Jam; the Pete’s Dragon remake; what we’ve been up to (Stone Age, Big Hero Six, Duke Nukem 3D (Vita), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, 5th ed Dungeons and Dragons)… And for this week’s feature: the team look at recent controversy surrounding one creator’s request to use part of her Kickstarter funding to pay for her living expenses while she wrote the novel the Kickstarter was for.

Tune in now below:

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