Just in case you’re a time traveller or emerging from a cave, I’ll just let you know it is now 2015. And what a year for films it’s going to be! Here, I outline some films that have me stoked for the cinema this year.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

I’ll just get this one out of the way because it’s a fairly obvious one. With the glut of superhero films coming out every year, the one that people look forward to the most is the one with every one in. The one where everything is building towards a certain point. That point is Avengers Age of Ultron.

Helmed once again by a mighty Whedon, we can all look forward to our favourite rag-tag band of superheroes while adding a few more to the mix with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (along with the less-well seen The Vision). There is no way this will be anything other than a massive film – and Whedon is a director you can really trust with your heroes.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

The trailer had mixed reactions. Some loved it, some hated it. What I loved about it, is that it seemed to be more in line with the original trilogy. While the original trilogy didn’t have much competition for most sci-fi fans, today is very different.

I’m not saying it will be amazing, I’m not expecting much from it to be honest, because that’s how you become disappointed. So I’m going in with the expectation that it will follow on from Return of the Jedi and I’m not going in trying to pick out anything that I can to unravel the film. I’m going in expecting an enjoyable romp.

Big Hero 6

I generally have a love/hate relationship with Disney based CGI animations. I love the stuff they do with actual human beings – things like The Incredibles (though I loved Wreck it Ralph too). So with Big Hero 6 around the corner, I’m looking forward to that combination of sci-fi humour and Superhero mix. I’ve tended to stay away from things that I’m looking forward to outside of the trailers themselves (and usually just the first main trailer). So I don’t know much about the actual story itself other than it’s about a kid that builds an interesting robot in order to be a crime fighter.


This may not be on some people’s radar, but after watching the trailer and finding George Clooney as well, the concept has made me think this might be a film worth watching. You can’t gleam that much from the trailer other than it following a young teenager with a badge that can send her to a very different place. Not much to go on, but as a concept I can see this going virtually anywhere. The down side is that it’s Disney, but that doesn’t mean it will suck.


Mortdecai is an interesting one. Now, I’m not a Johnny Depp fanatic, but I do quite like some of his films. That said, this one seems to have a nice mix of both Depp and British humour – which is surprising to find him having that link. Coupled with a few of the other actors involved, and judging by the premise and trailer, we could be in for a nice little film. If nothing else, it look fun.

Jupiter Ascending

I’ve already stated that I absolutely love sci-fi films and this one is another from the Wachowskis. The film seems almost like a mix between high science fiction and fantasy and looks very grand in nature. It’s got a similar feel to Blade Runner and The Fifth Element, which is a fairly good sign – except grander in scale. This seems like it has humongous potential – and the technical capabilities to really make this feel fresh and awesome – in the original sense of the word.

So there we are. I’m sure there’s stuff that I’ve missed (I opted for a single comicbook superhero movie – sorry Batman Vs Superman), so why don’t you tell us which films you’re fast forwarding to this year in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

  • http://dmosbon.postagon.com/ dmosbon

    Am hoping that the reboot of Fantastic Four(with Kate Mara) does the business.

    • http://www.nerdsassemble.co.uk/ Emily King

      Have you seen recent rumours surrounding it? There’s been a suggestion that Fox isn’t happy.