Hello and welcome to the this weeks comic roundup – a week where Marvel announced a massive change is on its way! We also have a preview of this weeks 2000AD, news from a publisher arising from the ashes and a new horror series is on the way….


Prog 1915

ProgProg 1915 lanes in comic book stores this week, with the Dark Judges taking Center stage –with a glorious cover by Greg Staples. Inside you’ll find part five of Dark Justice. Will Dredd reach the Mayflower in time? Will the Dark Judges be ready for them?

Next we have The Order as Anna becomes more embroiled with the prophecy, it looks like we may see how her father affected her as she was growing up. There’s also the chance to see the deadly Wurms for the first time.

Orlok continues with his own agenda in Eurozoned part four. Why is he working with the criminal fraternity and will his past catch up with him? Or look is proving to be a rather mysterious character and I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds over the next few weeks.

Ulysees Sweet continues his psychotic rampage to find his old psych chip. Will he realise that he’s being played by a third party? Will he even care as his death toll mounts?

The issue gets wrapped up with another instalment in the latest Savage story line. Where it looks like a blast from his past will knock Bill for six, as he finds out more about the Grinders.

The publisher kindly sent us a preview copy.


Secret Wars

Secret-WarsThis week saw some big news from Marvel – news that could change the Universe dramatically. Hinting at a big change, one that we haven’t seen since the Universe began in 1961!

I’m sure you’ll all be aware by now that Secret Wars is set to remould the Marvel Universe. With the Earth 616 and Ultimate Universe set on a collision course, which neither will survive. This will take effect during the Secret Wars story arc later this year.

I knew Secret Wars was going to change things up – yet I never thought it would be so such a big change. Still it could bring a completely fresh take on some of my favourite characters and I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.


Last Days

Last-DaysTo accompany Secret Wars – Marvel have also announced a new series entitled Last Days. This will be the first of three different types of series taking place during the Secret Wars event.

Last Days will begin this May and looks we to pose the question what will our heroes do with their last days on Earth? Who will they want to spend their last hours with?

I’m pleased they’ll be looking at these questions and this could prove to be a creat story arc in its own right.


Milestone Media

Milestone Media Reforms

Milestone-MediaBack in the 90’s Milestone Media created some amazing characters – printing as an imprint of DC Comics. Characters that include one if my favourite young heroes –Static. Unfortunately they soon disappeared – with DC making use of some their most famous characters in their own comics.

However it looks like they are set to rise from the ashes later this year! Milestone Media 2.0 is here, with the original founding members reviving the business. They have been hard at work at looking at bringing their characters back in various forms of media.

Promising us old characters and some new, with artwork from new projects being available to see at this years Comic-Con.

It will be good to see what they have up their sleeves and the new characters they have in store for us.




PlunderArchaia have announced a new horror series with Pirates! Entitled Plunder, the new series will be unleashed this February – written by Swifty Lang and artist Skuds McKinley. They are promising us a terrifying thriller.

Focusing on a gang of Somali pirates who find themselves trapped in bang in the middle of a massacre.

This has got so much potential to be an amazing story, I love the idea and concept. It’s one I intend to pick up pretty much straight away.


That’s all for this week, till next time. This is Cookie signing out…