Hello and welcome to this weeks Comic Roundup. This week we have an overhaul for one of my favourite hero teams, plenty of goodies from Image and a preview of this weeks 2000AD. So sit back, get comfy and let’s get this show on the road….


Prog 1914

progThis weeks see’s Prog 1914 hitting comic book shelves. The latest instalment sees Dredd heading into space – ready to hunt the Dark Judges down. Will he be in time though before they pass sentence on everyone aboard the Mayflower?

Orlok continues his own agenda in Eurozoned – taking on a new persona for reasons yet unknown. Ulysses is back in the trail of his old psyche chip once more whilst the heads of the corporation begin to make their final moves against one another.

The Order continues to answer questions, whilst leaving us with more answers to be resolved. As the old members of the Order join Anna o defeat the Wurms. With the prophecy being mentioned once more.

We have the issue wrapping with another chapter of Savage. Bill is put in a tough place, the war has ended with the Volgans – yet the new government seem to have their own agenda for Britain. Can they be trusted and are the Volgans really gone?

This Prog is shaping up to be another must read from 2000AD, grab an issue if you can.

The publishers very kindly sent us a preview copy.



AvengersThis week Marvel released a teaser poster – indicating big changes to the roster of the Avengers. Simply stating all new, all different and indicating the shakeup will happen in May this year.

These were the only details given, indicating Marvel want to keep this as a surprise. Who would you like to see join the team? Will this be the team that takes part in Secret Wars? I guess we’ll find out in May.


Uncanny Inhumans

Uncanny-InhumansThis April will see another new ongoing series, written by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven. Uncanny Inhumans will feature a heavy focus on their leader Black Bolt. The new series will be set in 8 months in the past – at a time when the world presumed Black Bolt was dead.

The series is promising to have more of a street level approach and will feature some of the newer Inhumans. Characters that have been introduced recently in the Marvel Universe.

Sounds like another hit for this creative team – the same team that handled the death of Wolverine.



Mister Miracle

Mister-MiracleThis week DC writer Geoff Johns seemed to tease a new member of the Justice League. After making his first appearance in the New 52 recently – one of my favourite characters Mister Miracle may be returning.

Johns posted an image of Mister Miracle comics, calling it reading reference. This has sparked a huge debate over the web as to why he’d be reading up on the character. We know that the series is getting ready for the Darkseid War story arc. With Mister Miracle having deep ties with the villain, it would make sense for him to appear.

Hopefully this will lead to Mister Miracle becoming a fully fledged member of the league.




MonsteressThis week former writer of Astounding X-Men, Marjorie Liu has revealed her latest project. I have to say it’s caught my attention – Monstress sounds right up my street. Hitting shelves this summer, the new story promises an alternate history and massive monsters!

The story will focus on a young woman named Maika. An outcast she wants to unravel her mysterious past. During her search she soon begins to realise that she has a deep psychic connection to powerful creatures.

It sounds like it has the premise to be a must read. I’ll keep you posted….


The Ludocrats

The-LudocratsKieron Gillen also announced a new project from Image – heading to us once more this Summer. The new title Ludocrats will give us adventures beyond time, space and mortal comprehension. The Ludocracy must not be contained and it cannot be contained!

Not much else has been announced around this series – but it’s description has me intrigued.


That’s all for this week, tile next time this is Cookie signing out….