Hello and welcome to 2015. I hope you’ve all had a fantastic festive season and enjoyed the downtime. Now it’s back to normality and this year’s first comic roundup. This week we have cameos, another famous film gets the comic treatment and a preview of this week’s 2000 AD.

So without further ado – lets get this column started.

2000 AD

Prog 1912

Prog2000 AD is back this week with Prog 1912 hitting shelves on the 7th Jan in the UK, whilst North America will be able to grab an issue one month later. This issue see’s a rather stealthy-dark cover by PJ Holden.

Inside we have some rather veritable treats on offer, with part 2 of the current Judge Dredd story – Dark Justice. Dredd’s on the case and this is shaping up to be a classic with the Dark Judges making their presence known and space pioneers setting off into space!

Savage also continues this week with part two of Grinders. With the war seemingly over and peace restored, why is Bill Savage so on edge and what’s happening behind the scenes. Is it all really over for Bill?

The Order begins to ask even more questions – without many answers in part two of this new adventure. Its intriguing, what happened with the Order? Why is Anna searching for answers about her dad. What is the prophecy? It’s certainly shaping up to be another fine addition to the roster of 2000 AD stories.

Ulysses Sweet Manic is back on the rampage this issue – will he get his favourite psych chip back? Whats happening behind the scenes at the head office? It’s all getting a little more bizarre this week.

Finally Orlok Agent Of East-Meg One is back on a new mission, complete with a new comrade. Will Orlock be able to work well with the new guy though! Can he be trusted still or is he on his own agenda. It’s set to be an explosive opening for this new chapter.

The publisher very kindly sent us a copy to preview. 


Howard The Duck

Howard-the-duckDo you remember my excitement for the new Howard The Duck comic? Well there’s been more news this week and it looks like Howard has called in a favour.

Howard the Duck #2 will see our favourite Duck teaming up with the Guardians Of The Galaxy – the new cover was unveiled last week complete with a selfie theme. It’s looking good and I love the fact they are trying to pull off duck faces!

I can’t wait to see what this issue has in store for them all – perhaps Howard will be able to repay the favour by appearing in the Guardians second film but with more screen time!


Dark Horse

The Adventures Of The Snow Man

Snow-ManDark Horse have announced a very special collection this week, with Frank Frazetta’s The Adventures Of The Snow Man – being released in a special edition this September.

Showcasing his earliest work, the Snowman is an axe-wielding, pipe smoking statue bought to life. His first appearance was in the first and only edition of Tally Ho Comics back in 1944. It was to be Frank’s comic book debut.

This new collection will include the entire story with 73 pages plus a few extras. It would prove to be an interesting read, don’t you think?


Action Lab Entertainment

The Puppet Master

Puppet-MasterAction Lab are certainly increasing their scope this year, it would seem. Adding another famous franchise to it’s ever growing list.

This year will see the return of the Puppet Master – beginning in March. The series has been licensed directly from creator Charles Brand and will see the return of the devilish marionettes.

Written by Shawn Gabborin and illustrated by Michela Da Sacco, this is one title that horror fans should keep an eye on.


That’s all for now so until next time, this is Cookie signing out….