Hello and welcome to this weeks comic roundup. This week we have acquisitions the return of everyone’s favourite Gaul, another departure and some good news for DC. So get warm and cosy – it’s time to get the news underway!


Prog 1913

prog-1913Next week see’s Prog 1913 hitting UK shelves. With new story The Order taking over the cover courtesy of artist Neil Roberts. This issue seems to be jam packed as the current run of stories step into a higher gear.

Pathetic latest story,starring Judge Dredd continues with the hunt for the Dark Judges stepping up a notch. What’s their end game? How many more lives will be terminated? We begin to get some answers!

The third part of The Order promises us to give us more insight into who and what The Order were. With some interesting characters entering the fray – this has the potential of being a great new series for 2000AD.

Orlok continues as well, as this espionage agent seems to go off onto his own agenda. Yet is he really just working for himself now – or is some other agency using him in the background?

Also we have Savage and Ulysess Sweet rounding off the issue.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.



DeadpoolI was shocked to the core this week, as Marvel announced their latest hero to face the axe. Last year saw my favourite mutant Wolverine killed off in a four part mini series. Now they’ve announced that everyone’s favourite Merc With a Mouth is to face the same fate!

Yes, this year will see Deadpool meeting his end, this April with #250 meaning the end of his ongoing series. It’s going to be a jam packed issue with a host of artists and writers, from his history contributing.

I’ll be sad to see Deadpool go – but will he be resurrected?




DeathstrokeGood news for DC this week as Deathstroke #1 has totally sold out. Yet the demand has been so high that it’s been given a second run to meet demand. This is very rarely seen at DC – seeing as how they genuinely over publish to meet potential demand.

This issue will be available on February 4th so keep an eye out.



Top Shelf Productions

Top-Shelf-ProductionsIDW this week acquired Top Shelf Productions – the Georgia based publisher of graphic novels From Hell, Blankets and Essex County Trilogy. Terms have not been disclosed but it certainly strengthens IDW.

Co-founder and publisher Chris Staros will remain as serving editor-in-chief and their current headquarters will remain. For me it’s a great move from IDW and the talent that these two have, combined can only mean some great titles in the future.



Asterix Returns

AsterixNews has reached us this week that Asterix and Obelix will be returning this year – for their 36th book. The new boom is scheduled to be released this October and will be written by Jean-Yves Ferri and Conrad.

This will be their second book together after Asterix and The Picts. Apparently the script has already been completed and drawing has begun. Other than that there have been no other details. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for our favourite Gaul.


That’s all for this week. Till next time this is Cookie signing out…