The Long UtopiaThis month, Tim Hart takes a look at some of the science fiction and fantasy novels that we should all be keeping an eye out for in 2015.

The Long Utopia

Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
Published by Double Day, ETA: June

So first, I pick The Long Utopia. I’d read the previous three novels in the series and was very surprised to learn a fourth was to come into existence (secretly pleased, as I wasn’t very happy with the end of the third). But this one looks to bring all the interpersonal entertainment that Pratchett excels at and the Scientific genius of Baxter. This time round we have the story of Old Lobsang the sentient AI and his partner Agnes adopting a child and the natural stepper Joshua seeking to learn about the father he never knew. With all these revelations flying around we find the earth below rumbling. What lies beneath? Lobsang summons Joshua to help discover why.

Dept_19_3Department 19: Darkest Night

Will Hill
Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books, ETA: June

Children’s book is a misnomer for this series, given the massive quantities of blood that fly around. In this novel we will finally come to the end of the series. Dracula has reached full strength and is about to wage a war on humanity that will change history as we know it. Dpeartment 19 have failed to protect the general public from the world of vampires and it’s all going to hell. Will Hill writes blood pumping stories and the fact it’s found in the teenage section makes no bones that this isn’t some airy fairy twee Vampire romance tale. It’s brutal and very much worth the read.

w509583Tales from Schwartzgarten: Marius and the Band of Blood

Christopher William Hill
Published by Orchard Books, ETA February

I admit this IS a children’s book, but I live in the belief that a good children’s tale is as accessible to adults (or the man children we are XD ). There are some that call Chris Hill a spiritual successor to Mr Dahl and they do have a fair point. For the stories are dark and full of things not suitable for younger ears. So it is in fact perfect for children! This tale involves the titular character joining the secret society ‘The Band of Blood’ and finding himself on a journey to try and stop the two greatest villains that Schwartzgarten has ever seen. I’ve read the rest of this series, the villains are glorious and bring a proper sense of terror.

Which SF and fantasy novels are you looking forward to this year? Do let us know in the comments below.