Produced once again by Big Fish Games, 2010’s Fantasy Puzzler is reviewed by our resident hidden object game expert. Is it revealing a hidden gem or is it a flop?

Beginning-Magic-Encyclopedia-3The Beginning:

A young student of the magical arts called Catherine is the only one who can save the magical Academy from the clutches of the Wizard known as the Illusionist (Gosh I wonder what his speciality is)?

Travelling between illusions and reality across the world via portals, she must stop him and restore the world to normal.


Live your dreams as a wizard! Without doing much magic. Kinda like Gandalf the Grey…
There’s a lot of fun features in the game especially when you get the glasses which allow you see see behind the illusions and find the things you need.

Magic-Encyclopedia-3-native-american-settlementHow Does This Differentiate From Others In The Genre?

Not by a lot, but this is made up by the enjoyable gameplay. Travelling between regions is quite fun from Feudal China, Eygpt and the world you grew up in. The hint system can be very unhelpful as it will go a point out an area of interest, rather than the item your missing.

With repeated agony.

The puzzles are fun, clever and innovative to the region you’re in. Which is nice from a generic ‘Splat Solve this’ habit these games have.

How does it compare to Hogwarts?

Less small annoying children, more single strong leading female character who solves the problems and saves the day. The villain of the piece is quite bland to be honest, you only ever see him at the end and his motives are lack lustre at best. You need a good villain to fit the crime of turning the world to illusion.

No villain seems to want to destroy the universe anymore.


Misc-goodWorth it?

I’d certainly go and look for the first two if they’re anything like this. A solid fantasy game that doesn’t skimp on the challenge.

Magic Encyclopedia 3: Illusions has been out for a few years. Our reviewer bought their own copy.