Produced by Big Fish Games, is Exorcist the long awaited videogame adaptation of William Friedkin’s classic film? Is it worth a cheap thrill or two? Read on to find out.

What I expected when I saw the title:

Projectile vomiting, crucifix misfortune and a sound track by Mike Oldfield. Plus a lot of crimson life blood and gore splattered crosses.

GarrettWhat I got:

A decently made puzzle game set in the Victorian era. Where you take control our hero, Garret Ghostfighter (he’s the Exorcist you see). As he tracks down two things, his missing love Margarita and the Evil Warlock Mesphisto, (because you can’t properly evil unless you have a slightly satanic name like that).

Exorcist-1What I liked about this game

VOICE ACTING. It’s so nice to have it, given this is a multimedia experience it should be expected, but so few games like this have it. The voices are done well and are nicely animated, rather than a monotone I’ve-been-paid-very-little-for-this tone. The landscape is a lovely Euro-Gothic like something out of a fairytale. The item search areas can be very tricksy as well, but you expect that given they’re called ‘Hidden Object games’. Garret is a decent NPC who through V.A you learn a lot more about him rather than a chunk of text which shows little emotion. Of the Gothic horror H.O.G’s this is the most atmospheric I’ve played.

DemonWhat made me make this face :/

The cross combination of demons/spirits is weird but that’s personal choice. You mostly go to buildings and exorcise rooms of horrible things (each time you click said beastly bugger it makes the same ghoulish noise, EVERY time). Very little person possession happens, which is kinda sad. Towards the end there’s an odd set of ‘Look for these animals’ which doesn’t really fit in. There is an almost Brian Blessed Level demon who you will encounter later. You’ll see if you ever dare to play this.

Misc-goodWorth it?

Definitely, If you’re looking for a short horror fix for a cold night. This is the ideal fare with it’s solid engaging story of Love and Demons.

Exorcist has been out for a while. Our reviewer bought their own copy.