Far Cry 4 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Awesome Fact: Far Cry 4 is the first main Far Cry title to have co-op free roam.

I have only had experience playing Far Cry 3 and I certainly enjoyed traversing the vast jungle environment with a huge variety of weapons along with the interesting local people with their culture and history.

And now with Far Cry 4 out, I hope to get my hands on it since it pluck’s you out of the jungle and tosses you into the vast Himalayan mountain of the fictional city of Kyrat, where you find yourself fighting against a rather sharply dressed chap called Pagan Min.

I always enjoyed all of the side mission activities from the last game such as infiltrating enemy outposts and  liberating them, by taking them over by either force or stealth. Being in new locations also brings new animals, such as rhinos, wolves, honey badgers and also eagles can attack you as well so best look out above you, and what I’m also looking most forward too are the elephants. What I’ve seen from gameplay footage is that you can use an elephant to cause a huge amount of damage where it can toss enemies and overturn vehicles, you even get to ride on the back of them and shoot down at enemies whilst riding to smash things as well.

Speaking of vehicles you get a bit more combat where you can shoot at your enemies whilst driving and hijack them as well. There is also a miniature helicopter that you can fly on. With the addition of a wingsuit and grapple hook to help traverse the environment this game is going many steps up from its predecessor.

With the game also featuring a co-op that will it make the campaign feel even more exciting, I will be looking forward to getting my own copy of Far Cy 4.

Matthew King

The Blackwell Epiphany (PC)

Awesome Fact: You can switch between the main two characters, the living Rosa and ghost Joey.

I’ve been on a bit of an adventure-game binge this year. In the Steam sale this summer I bought tonnes of the things, and played them all in rapid succession. It may have been too much – I started trying to rub real-life objects on other objects just to see what would happen. I enjoyed them all, but the best of the bunch was the Blackwell series.

This series, from Wadjet Eye Games, is a wonderfully retro-looking point-and-click series in the vein of LucasArts‘ classic SCUMM games. SCUMM, for those who don’t know, was a 1980s’ game system which birthed many of the greatest adventure games ever made (such as Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle). The Blackwell games somehow manage to capture both the look and the feel of those classics, without ever feeling derivative. Most importantly, the often ridiculous puzzles (“use laxative on dog!”) are built around a solid and compelling story with really great characters.

Unfortunately, because it had only just been released at the time, the fifth and final game – The Blackwell Epiphany – escaped my bargain-hunting. This final chapter is now right at the top of my Christmas list, because I’m desperate to know how the story ends and where all these mysteries lead. And because you can never have too much SCUMM.

Matthew Hurd

Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

Awesome Fact: The duplicating character power-up was originally an accident, a member of staff accidentally put two controllable Marios on screen simultaneously.

The main Super Mario series has been held in high esteem when it comes to platformers. Going from the hit on the NES all the way through to Galaxy 2. Not all have sold as well, but that is by far nowhere near the measure of a good game.

This years Super Mario 3D World is awesome. While it’s not mind-bending like Super Mario Galaxy, the game is equally as fun and playful. The four player aspect from New Super Mario Bros gives it a potentially manic edge.

One of the amazing things about this game is that it’s got such a variety that no two levels feel alike. The level always finishes before they get boring and it’s something that a lot of games fail on.

But the reason it’s my game choice is because it’s the first game I got which really made me feel like the Wii U was really here to stay. That and the game just feels fun. You play it because it’s a joy to play rather than to finish a collection, unlock everything or to level up to the maximum your character can.

Paul Blewitt

Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call (3DS)

Awesome Fact: Final Fantasy Theatrythm: Curtain Call boasts over a whopping 65 playable characters!

Rhythm games are a marmite genre of Video games. Love them, all is well. Hate them and you miss so many wonderful games like Rock Band, Parappa the Rapper and of course the Eargasm of ‘Gitaroo Man’. (Seriously its worth getting a PS2 to play this master piece).

So the sequel to ‘Theatrhythm’ is out and it’s a whole lotta fun. It has all your favourite tunes like ‘Those who fight further’, ‘Mambo de Chocobo’ and the ‘Sephiroth’ song which is more overdone than ‘Feed the world’ by BandAid. There’s a lot of tracks I had no idea exsisted and has caused new favourites to emerge.

It’s character list is extensive and filled with all your favourites. (Still looking to unlock Quistis here <3) It’s nice give gives you even more if you downloaded the demo first. Even everyone favourite silver haired Goit is there, althought it’ll take an age to unlock him…

It has the one great advantage. It’s like Othello. Easy to learn, a lifetime to master. Even after completing the main game I’m still coming back to it to play. It’s quite therapeutic in a way and with extras unlocking every 500 points (which isn’t too hard to acquire) it makes it unpunishing for the novice player.

Tim Hart

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby (3DS)


Awesome Fact: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire allow you to catch Deoxys without any event or item. This makes Deoxys the first Pokemon to officially go from an event-exclusive to a standard Legendary.

Another year. Another Pokémon game. Drawing upon the visual upgrade that last year’s X/Y provided and taking it a bit further, this update on the DS classic tale of misplaced environmentalism is an enjoyable play for me, as someone who played the original Sapphire. But there’s been more than just a visual upgrade… and the addition of all the ‘mons that have joined the series since the games’ original release.

I suppose the main question you, the non-Pokémon player or you the person who hasn’t played Pokémon since Red/Blue want answered is: would I have fun playing this? The game does have conversations available with NPCs and the good ol’ training school to teach you how to play the game in its current generation. The online aspects of the game aren’t explained that well – you may find yourselves somewhat overwhelmed by trading, O-Powers and picking up Secret Bases.

But if you can see past these new things and the scary size of today’s Pokédex, you’ll find a faithful upgrading of one of the franchises charmers. The story is made more dramatic by the increased cinematic quality of the game’s cutscenes, and so you’re really given an opportunity to put yourself in the story and see it from your character’s perspective. If you have a 3DS this game is definitely worth giving a go.

Emily King

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