Hello and welcome to the first comic roundup of December. This week we have the return of the Dark Knight, Ant-Man and a change up for Green Lantern. Plus another preview of this weeks 2000AD. So let’s get this party started!


Prog 1911

Prog-1911This week sees the last regular Prog from 2000AD hitting comic book shelves – before Xmas. Prog 1911 sports a rather creepy cover by D Israeli featuring Stickleback. This issue sports another Judge Dredd one shot. This time involving a bus load of tourists, a jewellery shop heist and an issue with car tax!

Touch decisions have to be made by Stickleback and company – if there’s any chance to save London and the rest of the world. With an interesting twist at the end – which will leave you speechless.

Then we have the finale of Greysuits. Can Blake show the world just what the real Prince is like – can he get revenge on his former employers. What’s happening in Bolivia that’s so important. It’s another strong looking issue.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.



Ant-ManJanuary sees the return of Ant-Man a new series, written by Nick Spencer. The new series will focus on Scott Lang – the main character of the upcoming movie. No real surprise there. However in a conference call there were a few surprises to smack us over the head with.

The main surprise for me was the announcement of the return of Scott’s long dead daughter – Cassie Lang! Cassie was last seen being killed by Doctor Doom in The Avengers: The Children’s Crusade.

Yes, Scott’s going to get a second chance at being a dad – a superhero single parent. A little unique twist. This new series could prove most interesting.


Spider-Man, All New Captain America & The Inhumans Crossover

The-InhumansThere’s a lot of cross-overs seemingly happening next year and in March there’s another one to add to the list. Written by Jeff Loveness the forces of Spider-Man and All New Captain America will unite with the Inhumans.

It will be a story told over three months, with a special issue from each series tying it all together. It will be interesting to see how these heroes work together.



Dark Knight 3

The-Dark-KnightBig news happened at DC this week. An announcement was made, that if I’m honest – slammed me to the floor. I never saw this happening. For a third Dark Knight story is in the planning stages complete with Frank Miller returning!

The new story set in the universe of the Dark Knight returns will see Miller co-writing the story with Scott Snyder. To say I’m excited by this is an understatement. The Dark Knight Returns was a brilliant story – I just hope the third will carry on the tradition.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Miller returning? Pleased to see Snyder teaming up with him?


Green Lantern: New Guardians

Justin-JordanSome sad news appeared last week with current Green Lantern: New Guardians writer, Justin Jordan taking to Facebook to announce his departure. Jordan will be leaving the series after next years #40.

It was a little weird to see him announce it on Facebook – with no official announcement from DC. It raised a few eyebrows – yet it seems that this has been planned for a long time. There’s no falling out involved, which I was pleased to see. Jordan says that he hasn’t fallen out with DC or vice versa. In fact it would seem that he just got bored of waiting for DC to officially announce his departure from the series.

The reason for leaving: simple really. Jordan feels like he’s written all he can about Kyle and taken the story as far as he could. That’s fair enough, I think and to be fair a pretty sound reason for leaving.



Star Slammers

Star-SlammersIDW have announced a rather special collection – Star Slammers the Complete Collection will see the original Marvel printed series by Walter Simonson hit comic book shelves once more.

Star Slammers follows a team of mercenaries, hell bent on kicking the crap out of everyone who gets in their way.

Originally published in the 80’s. The Complete Collection will also have Simonson’s original notes included. Over 60 pages of never before seen work – not bad. The first printing will also include a bound in signature plate, which will be Simonson’s much loved dinosaur signature. Best news this will be included with no extra cost!

This is looking like one collection that needs to be picked up!


That’s it for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out….