Produced by Big Fish Games and originally released in 2009, Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box is a supernatural horror, puzzle game, like so many Big Fish titles. But is it worth a look, five years after its original release? Read on to find out.

TylerThe beginning

A concerned grandson, Tyler makes his way to see his Grandfather who has summoned him. Under the gaslamp horror feel, he has to break his way into the house to only find his Grandfather needing his medication after a heart attack and his gun, the bedroom door is filled with furniture stopping people getting in.

Or is it out?

After some recovery time, Tyler’s Grandfather recounts his tale of being on the ship of the damnned.


Standard fare. Move from area to area looking for useful items and suddenly plot things. The 3D models are a bit jarring given the universe your walking around in is exceptionally pretty and era appropriate. I think it would of worked better with animated figures/sequences. The cut scenes are painfully slow.

ScreenHow does this differentiate from others in the genre?

The one only difference that separates this is the fact it has a progress bar. Which was very handy as I wanted this to finish very, very quickly.

If you could sum this game up with a noise, what would it be?

The guttural grunt of Watchmen’s Roarschach.

misc-mehWorth playing it?

It was alright. I had some nice moments, but was bogged down by everything else. The repeated revisiting of item sites got boring very quickly, which combined with having to travel from one end of the universe to the other was painful. Although you knew where stuff was which was handy. It would come under a ‘Beer and Preztels’ H.O.G. Given it was called “Vampire Saga”, the titular creatures featured very little and the plot ending was cliffhanger, but not one I felt the need to follow up. Given the reputation this series has, I was quite disappointed as I’d been really looking forward to it. Maybe the others have more hope…

It’s possible to track down Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box. Our reviewer bought their own copy.