One of the protagonists looks like a cross between our reviewer and Albert Wesker…

New recruit Tim Hart digs into hidden object game The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Gates of Fate. Did Tim find what he was looking for? Read on to find out…

The Beginning

A drop of water from a stalactite lands on your face awaking you up in a place you don’t recognise – which sounds like an aftermath of a stag do. So after trying to get out of the exit, rocks fall and you start to look for dynamite. After an awful lot of finding stuff you switch out to your beloved, Lisa and do much the same. You soon find out that you’ve been sent to the past.

Actually one of you is in the 70s, the other the 80s. Which as eras go, are pretty good choices. Oh an the volcano is going to explode due to the wiles of a shaman. As you do.

Game play

A standard fare, you move around the game world with the all too familiar set up of HUD (Heads Up Display) for hints, item bar and menu. The puzzles sometimes need slightly more explanation than a single line, even the hints for the puzzles can be very unhelpful. But they are nicely themed to the game. The 3D character models are better than some I’ve seen in my time. Weirdly the main hero looks a touch like me, which needless to say is a bit meta as I’m playing the game.

How Does This Differentiate From Others In The Genre?


He obviously never found the way out…

Unlike a lot of these games, you aren’t looking in one place (usually a far better rendered artwork which you find things in) for key items and clues. They’re scattered around the world. One fun feature was moving to a new screen and working out what the object you needed to build is. Sometimes you’d end up with a completely random object which wouldn’t become relevant until later, which just added to the fun. The music isn’t as aggravating as some games over the long periods.

It’s interesting ‘switching between decades’ aspect of the game, as you see the island actually evolving and growing as the time passes and new buildings arrive and technology amps up a bit. Some areas in the 70’s you could access easily, but then suddenly you can’t in the 80’s and vice versa.

What Happens If You Click The Mouse Too Much?

It flits in a swirling ‘W’ Shape. You’re terrible person for clicking too much…

Misc-goodWorth it?

This game actually ranks in my ‘glad I played it’ series. Given my misgivings about the very long title (which initially put me off, thinking it may have been compensating). It’s a solid tale and a treat to play.

Our reviewer bought their own copy of the game