Halloween has come and gone, and November has begun. So get ready for Winter, and another comic roundup. This week we have new teases, previews and some new directions. So grab a brew kick back and let’s get started….


Prog 1906

Prog-1906Prog 1906 hit’s comic book shelves this week – with another strong issue to enjoy. The cover highlights Grey Suits drawn by John Higgins with some beautiful colours.

Dredd starts to see some change as block judge at Gramercy Heights. Residents are beginning to report the crimes once again, the gangs are beginning to feel the heat with most of the leaders out of the way. Yet how long will the gangs tolerate the Judges in their block?

In Greysuit John Blake turns against his employers, and sets off to finish a personal vendetta. Will he succeed? Or will he become subject to the brain washing of the Greysuit’s once again – only time will tell.

In Kingdom Gene is bothered by Them once more as he fights to protect Aux Drift. He decides he needs to know why the Them are getting more intelligent and more relentless – but will he like what he finds?

Ichabod and Stickleback’s stories continue in ernest with some great inking and art. Pick this issue up from Wednesday.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


The Punisher

The-PunisherLast week Marvel announced that the West Coast based Punisher series by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads – will be wrapping up in early 2015. However this move is not down to sales – so breath a sigh of relief.

In fact its due to the series shifting direction. The Punisher is going to go through some very big changes – just like Thor Iron Man and Daredevil. With the results of these changes giving us not one but two new series.

With one of these being a mature readers MAX title. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our Punisher….


Jean Grey

Jean-GreyThere was quite a lot of rumours suggesting a new Jean Grey solo title would be announced at NYCC. However there was no such announcement.

However there rumours are still persisting, given the title a potential launch next April or May. It’s going to be supposedly handled by one of the Logan’s Legacy team.

I’m not sure if Marvel would be looking at another X-Men solo story – yet part of me thinks it could prove to be an interesting story. What do you think?



Prince Valiant

Prince-ValiantOver at Bleeding Cool this week, they had a very interesting interview with Nate Cosby. Nate is the man behind the relaunch of the Gold Key comics range as well as the Flash mini-series.

However what really got me hooked in this interview was the fact, he’s bringing back Prince Valiant. A character I used to watch in the early 90’s. It’s going to be a four part mini series and I can’t wait to see how the team write the character.



Batman Eternal

Batman-EternalOver at DC Scott Snyder has promised us a Year 2 for the very successful Batman Eternal. Fans were worried when DC announced that the series was going on a hiatus next March.

Answering questions on Reddit Snyder confirmed that it was indeed going on a break but promised a Year 2 later in the year. Stating that they would need to get way ahead on a weekly series before they tackle Year 2.

I’ve been catching up with Snyder’s work on Batman and I have to say it’s totally and utterly brilliant and I’m pleased Eternal will be getting another year.


That’s all for this week, till next time. This is Cookie signing out…