Hello and welcome, once more to another comics roundup. Christmas is looming upon us and yet the comic industry just keeps on giving. This week we could have the Marvel face off – many of us have been waiting a long time for. We have another 2000AD preview – bringing us more action from Mega City One and plenty more….


Prog 1909

ProgThis week see’s Prog 1909 hitting comic book shelves. With Judge Dredd once more adorning the cover.This weeks cover is drawn by Cliff Robinson. It’s the final part of Block Judge – will Dredd be able to restore order after the aftermath of last weeks story? Or will Dredd miss something vital? Find out in this weeks explosive finale.

It’s also the finale of Kingdom this week. Will Gene The Hackman be able to save Aux Drift? Will he be able to take out the Thems Alpha? Will he ever find Kingdom? The story wraps up giving us a few answers.

Stickleback continues to try and save Old London Town – but is there something bigger at stake for Stickleback as his past comes back. Over in Grey Suits, Blake’s personal vendetta takes another turn.What is his old bosses going to do?

We also have Ichabod faced with making a tough choice. Will he step up as Atonements Sheriff and save the souls of the town. He has a tough choice to make. It’s looking like another top notch issue.

The publisher kindly sent us a preview copy.


Secret Wars

Secret-WarsOver the last few weeks Marvel have been teasing us with a little tidbits – giving us glimpses of potential new story arcs. Story arcs that are taking some of our favorite stories and giving them a new spin, titles including Avengers Vs X-Men, Old Man Logan and Planet Hulk.

Other images have shown a debut in the comic world of the 1992 animated series of X-Men and a married Spider-Man. Everyone has been wondering what this could really mean – and now we have a partial answer.

All of these different Universes will take part in Marvels big summer event next year – Secret Wars. Yet how can they all tie into this event? Well thanks to a video Marvel released last week. It would seem that these different Universes will in fact up make up different countries in this new epic event. Creating the ultimate Battleworld. What this means for all the different characters still remains to be seen.

One can only wait in anticipation – and hope that this event turns into one truly epic read….


Avengers #41

Avengers-41We also have another potential grudge match shaping up. This could prove to be the grudge match of the century! If Bleeding Cool are right then we could be in for a real doozie next February.

Last week we were able to see the supposed cover for February’s Avengers #41. It looks rather familiar. In fact it looks exactly like the cover from #1 of the Ultimates. Now these has sparked off rumors that the two bands of heroes could well indeed by facing off against one another!

Would this be something you’d like to see? Could this mean the end of the Ulitmate universe? I guess only time will tell.


Guardians Team Up

Guardians-Team-UpWith Guardians getting their second movie moved forward, it seems that Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon and co can’t do no wrong. Its been an amazing year for the characters and now Marvel have announced a sixth ongoing series.

The first issue will be written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Art Adams – the new series will be called Guardians Team Up. It will feature amazingly enough the gang teaming up with other Marvel characters. With the first issue seeing them work alongside the Avengers.

It will be interesting to see how the team interact with other Marvel characters, but which characters would you like to see the Guardians team up with? Let us know.



The Multiversity: Mastermen #1

Master-MenOver in the DC universe, we had our first glimpse of the seventh chapter in Grant Morrison’s multiverse spanning mini-series. The Multiversity: Mastermen #1 will debut in comic stores next February. The cover was released this week – showing an arm wrestle between Uncle Sam and Overman!

The story will be set in an alternate universe. One where the Nazi’s won World War II and went on to direct world culture for the next sixty years. Thanks in part to an orphaned alien super powered being known as Overman. Sound familiar?


The Return Of Hal Jordan

Hal-JordanGeoff Johns, current writer of Justice League has long been teasing that a “Green Lantern Proper” would one day be joining the team. However until this week – the identity of said Green Lantern and just when he/she would join the team has remained a mystery.

Now thanks to an interview with IGN, we may have the answers. It looks like the Green Lantern will be rejoining the team in possibly one of their darkest hours. During the Darkseid War story arc.

So we have the when, yet who could it be. Well if we read between the lines we may be getting the original one and only Hal Jordan back! Yes the new Green Lantern joining the Justice League could well be good old Hal. Excited? I am!


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out….