Hello and welcome to this weeks comic roundup. This week we’ve got ducks! Another 2000AD preview as well as some other familiar faces retuning to comic book pages. So why not grab a brew get comfy and let’s get this show on the road.


Prog 1910

2000ADThis week sees Prog 1910 hitting comic book shelves. With Ichabod taking center stage on the cover,drawn by Adam Brown – it’s a wonderful looking cover with some great use of colours.

In this week’s Prog we have a Judge Dredd one shot – can out favourite judge protect Kurt Vymer from Salvador Whiskers? Knowing Dredd he’ll certainly give it his best shot. Ichabod’s tale of redemption comes to an end this week – will he be able to save the residents of Redemption? Can he change his murderous ways? It’s been a good strong story so far – let’s hope it ends on a high.

We’re also given a bigger insight into Prince in this week’s episode of Grey Suits. Why is he so important to Blake’s employers – what’s so special about the Bacchus school for Boys. We may be seeing some answers this week!

Stickleback’s story takes a turn for the worse as an ancient evil begins to invade London – is there anything he can do to stop it! Then to round off this week’s Prog we are treated to one of Bob Byrnes Twisted Tales. Prog 1909 will hit the shelves in Wednesday.

The publisher very kindly sent us a preview copy.


Howard The Duck

Howard-the-DuckMarvel managed to make me a very happy duck this week. Announcing the return of the one, the only Howard the Duck! Yes that’s right,our favourite feathered hero is getting his own ongoing series – thanks to his successful cameo in Guardians earlier this year.

The new series will debut next March and will be written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Joe Quinones. The series will see the our wise- cracking mallard take on a host of weird and absurd missions throughout the Marvel Universe. I can’t wait to see how Howard returns and what capers he will get mixed up in. All hail Howard the Duck!


Star Wars

Star-WardFrom one universe to another – Star Wars is coming back to Marvel in January. We already knew that and that they have a load of variant covers lined up. However the celebrations for the return seem to be ready to begin in December.

This week Marvel announced that Salvador Larocca will be drawing a few variant covers for a Star Wars welcome home theme – across several books. These include All New X-Men #35, All New Captain America #3 and Wolverines #1.

There’s also some more due in January. Marvel are really ramping up the Star Wars band wagon – personally I can’t wait to see what they have in store.



Jem & The Holograms

Jem-and-the-HologramsBack in the nineties there was a time when my sister went mad and forced us to watch Jem and The Holograms every Saturday morning. It became quite the popular franchise. Now we’re expecting a new movie and IDW are jumping on the bandwagon to bring us a new comic book.

This week we got to see the cover for the new book and learnt that it was going to be drawn by Ross Campbell. Ross has become popular with fans for his fan art creations based on the main characters over the last few years.

It makes sense that Ross would be bought in to do the art for the new book – now we just have to wait to find out who will be tackling the writing.


Boom! Studios

New Talent

Boom-StudiosOver the last few years, Boom have attracted some major talent to their studio – talent that includes Grant Morrison, George Perez, JG Jones and Margueritte Bennett.

Now Bleedingcool have apparently heard that next week Boom are about to take another top talent from DC. No names have been mentioned and so far this is purely a rumour. However they have mentioned that the mystery will be solved next week. So who do you think they might have tempted to move over? Any ideas?

Boom are fast becoming a hub of top talent and I’m excited to see who may be joining their ranks.


Joe Books

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing-DuckAnother heroic duck is set to return next year,thanks to Joe Books. Based on the Disney cartoon, which I confess I used to watch every Saturday without fail is the terror that flaps in the night – the one, the only Darkwing Duck!

The new series will be written by Aaron Sparrow and drawn by Joe Silviani. There’s also a Darkwing Duck collection heading to stores. Collecting the original story arc from Booms original series.


That’s all for this week, till next time this is Cookie signing out.